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■ You can decorate the Irmon Earth Sailor with a total of 17 arcane character decoration elements.
■ You can acquire decorative elements through the new resource ‘Cosmicube’
■ As part of the ‘Progress Day’ event, an ‘Underground City Night’ event to commemorate the release of the second act of ‘Arcane’ will be released soon.

Riot Games, a world-class game company, signed the first collaboration with ‘Among Us’ to commemorate the release of ‘ARCANE’, an animation series based on LoL (League of Legends) IP. In this way, Irmont Earth players can enjoy watching the Irmont Earth sailors roam the spaceship, wearing decorative elements from the main arcane characters such as Jinx, Vi, and Heimerdinger.

Players are ▲ Heimerdinger hair ▲ Heimerdinger’s beard ▲ Heimerdinger’s suit ▲ Heimerdinger’s prisoner ▲ Executor’s helmet ▲ Executioner’s armor ▲ Caitlyn’s hat ▲ Caitlyn’s uniform ▲ Vi’s hair ▲ Vi’s clothes ▲ Jinx’s hair ▲ Jinx’s hair Goggles ▲ Jinx’s clothes ▲ Jace’s hair ▲ Jace’s council suit ▲ Land mines ▲ Clegger’s goggles, etc.

The decorative elements of arcane characters can be obtained from the new resource ‘Cosmicube’ in Irmon Earth. The Cosmic Cube is a bundle of decorative elements with various themes, and in order to open each Cosmic Cube and acquire items, you must play the game and collect ‘Pods’. Decorative elements have a visual effect and have no effect on gameplay.

This collaboration was planned as part of the ‘Progress Days’ event to commemorate the release of Act 1 of Riot Games’ first animated series Arcane. Riot Games provides a wealth of benefits to players through various game events.

Riot Games is also planning to hold an event called ‘Night of the Underground City’ to coincide with the release of Act 2 of Arcane. As the story moves from the great inventor of Piltover to the mad genius of the underground city of Zaun, we plan to introduce a variety of in-game elements and rewards to stimulate players’ curiosity.

For more information on the event, please visit the ‘RiotX Arcane World’ website (
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Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]