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Samsung is simply giving away what Apple wants a proud 25 euros for

Samsung is known for making fun of competitor Apple. This often backfires, because at some point the South Korean manufacturer will orient itself towards the iPhone builder. This time they took on the 25 euro polishing cloth.

Samsung is giving away “Galaxy Care Cloth”

Apple has received a lot of attention in the last few weeks by selling its followers a polishing cloth for a mere 25 euros. And in fact, Apple fans tear the cloths out of the company’s hands as if there were no other polishing cloths in the world with which you could clean your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Currently you have a waiting time of 8 to 10 weeks. Samsung finds this very strange and simply gives away the “Samsung Galaxy Care Cloth”.

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German Samsung users can simply log into the “Samsung Members App” Order the 20 x 20 cm and velvety “Galaxy Care Cloth”. But you have to be quick, because only the first 1,000 registrations will receive the gift, such as GalaxyClub reports:

Samsung is giving away the “Galaxy Care Cloth” 1,000 times. (Image: GalaxyClub)

Of course, Samsung didn’t come up with this idea on its own. The campaign is a reaction to the hype surrounding the Apple polishing cloth, for which the company is charging a mere 25 euros. Of course, Samsung wants to attract some attention again. If you are not lucky at Samsung, you can just do it Buy a polishing cloth from Amazon for a few euros (look at Amazon). These are much cheaper than Apple’s and remove fingerprints just as well. There is no Apple logo on the cloth. But everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is worth the extra charge.

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Samsung really wants to attack Apple soon

The action with the polishing cloth is of course a small gag from Samsung. Apple actually wants to attack soon with the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, which will be presented in early 2022. Then it will show whether the iPhone 13 can be dangerous.

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