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The global e-sports competition ‘Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021 (hereinafter referred to as SWC2021)’ hosted by mobile game company Com2uS (CEO Jae-Jun Song, Ju-Hwan Lee) and with Google Play kicked off today (13th) at 2 pm (Korean time). The event match, which was concluded as a skirmish in the middle, is heating up the atmosphere of the tournament.

In this match, THOMPSIN, TRUEWHALE, VIILIPYTTY, ROSITH, Docthurr, Krom’z, MR.CHUNG, G. DIEGO! Eight players, including players, formed a team into two groups and competed using the 2vs2 team battle content newly introduced this year.

In particular, among the players who participated in the match, MR.CHUNG and THOMPSIN were known as the strongest Summoners War by winning the championship and runner-up in the SWC held for the past two years, and other participants also have sufficient skills to reach the final stage. It was enough to arouse the interest of game users and viewers around the world.

The match was played in a single-elimination format, in which the winner can be decided by one match. First of all, in the first match, VIILIPYTTY and ROSITH, who participated in the European qualifiers, played against MR.CHUNG and G. DIEGO! As it was a match between players who made it to the World Finals, fierce nerve battles from the ban-pick fight came and went, and when they entered the actual match, MR.

In the second match, THOMPSIN and TRUEWHALE, who participated in the Americas regional qualifier, played against Docthurr and Krom’z, who unfortunately failed to advance to the Asia-Pacific region final. Even though it was an event match, THOMPSIN and TRUEWHALE were unable to continue their initial momentum and allowed a comeback in the midst of a constant battle between them.

In the three matches to determine the winner of the event match, two teams from each of the Asia Pacific qualifiers faced each other. MR.CHUNG and G. DIEGO, which were predicted to have an advantage of nearly 70% in the real-time pre-match prediction of viewers before the match! As soon as the team entered the game, MR.CHUNG was eliminated in the early stages of the opposing team that poured a one-sided offensive, and G. DIEGO! It also failed to turn the tide. In this way, the ‘SWC2021’ event match ended with Docthurr and Krom’z winning.

Meanwhile, ‘SWC2021’, which is being held for the fifth time this year, is a world competition to determine the strongest of the global hit ‘Summoners War’.

SWC2021 World Final will be broadcast live in 15 languages ​​including Korean can

Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]