GTA Trilogy: The real remaster disaster is yet to come


GTA: Definitive Edition – Rockstar’s greatest disgrace

What about the new editions of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas on the release day of the new GTA Trilogy as Definitve Edition and what happened after that is likely to be unprecedented. In any case, you don’t see a sales stop so soon after publication every day.

However, if you play the title yourself, it quickly becomes clear that there is much more to the problem than just files that are unintentionally contained in the PC version. This has already been shown by the numerous insights that arose in the time immediately after the release – and it corresponds to our own experiences (see also the video at the beginning of this article).

How can we play the Definitive Edition despite the sales stop? Since we downloaded the three titles before the server was switched off, it is still possible to play them with cracked EXE files. For research purposes, we did just that.

Since Rockstar is reworking the games and it’s a crack, our gaming experience doesn’t have to be exactly what we’ll see after the re-release. However, we do not expect any fundamental changes, at least not in the short term. What exactly is in the Definitive Edition and all general information can be found in our large FAQ:

GTA Remaster Trilogy: All information about the release, price and Co.


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GTA Remaster Trilogy: All information about the release, price and Co.

Disappointing from the start

The problems of the new edition show up at the very beginning of the oldest part of GTA 3. In the intro sequence we see the much more stylish lighting, but also a rain effect that is so obtrusive that it looks more like a graphic error. What looks exaggerated in the following screenshot looks just as bad in motion.

There are also many screenshots of very strange-looking characters or faces on the web, which also catch our eye immediately at the beginning.

The matching scene below is from the first mission in GTA 3. It shows a bouncer and / or bodyguard. Especially when compared to the character model from the original, it becomes very clear how silly the new face looks.

While the look of the original bouncer left a clear one You can not get in here! expresses, he looks more like a desperate right in the new edition I don’t want to be in here! the end.

But there are other factors that make it more difficult, such as a sometimes very irregular performance when driving a car (which, as is well known, make up a large part of GTA games). While many players were rightly annoyed about not having access to the game shortly after the release, the annoyance while playing the game itself could become even greater.

We are already working on a more detailed technical analysis including data from the original titles, including benchmarks and comparison images. You can see moving image impressions of the problems of the GTA new edition in the video from colleague Christian, which is included above Fritz Provide tailors.

It will be very interesting to see how the story of the Definitive Edition will continue. Regardless of this, it is already certain that it got off to a very bad start – and that it will have a very difficult time living up to its name, even with large patches.