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Guilty Gear -Strive-, DLC 3rd ‘Happy Chaos’ and Room Customization | Ruri Web

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Arc System Works has unveiled a new playable character for the fighting game ‘Guilty Gear -Strive-‘.

‘Happy Chaos’ was decided as the 3rd DLC character. Owners of ‘GGST Season Pass 1’ can pre-play from November 30, and individual sales will start from December 3.


He is 179cm tall and weighs 64kg. He is from Ireland (when he was a human) and his hobbies are driving, finding local desserts, and finding instruments that sound good with a beginner’s kit. It is the toy jewel that he picked up and the celestial gun “Moon Sword” that is said to have only 5 tablets in all dimensions (only one, the other is a replica). The thing I didn’t like was what I knew at the time. doesn’t last long



The discoverer of the bag yard and the ‘first man’ who spread magic to mankind, he has transformed into the effect of absorbing Ino’s demigod and holds the hope of life for all mankind in his body. When humanity loses its humanity, it thinks that its existence can be forgiven by someone’s will. Since the concept of good and evil is of equal value to him, it can cause a big event or be on the side of justice.




Meanwhile, on November 30th, along with Happy Chaos, a custom function ‘Room Customization Function’ that can coordinate the room of ‘Player Match’, one of the online match functions, will be added. By installing various items such as arranging furniture in the room or changing the wallpaper or background, you can arrange the room for the player match you enjoy with your friends to your liking.

Image2.jpg Image3.jpg

Custom items such as furniture and wallpaper can be obtained by using room customization fishing, and after collecting W$ through mission mode or online battles, you can fish for fancy furniture.


There are more than 500 types of decorative items, and up to 80 pieces of furniture divided into three types, floor, wall, and ceiling, can be installed in a room.

Image7.jpg Image8.jpg

Image9.jpg Image10.jpg

You can also change the wallpaper, background, and appearance, so you can create a room that suits your taste.

Image5.jpg Image6.jpg

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