Skyrim: Game runs too well since the update, mods cause a crash

A few days ago, more precisely on November 11th, for the tenth anniversary of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a special anniversary edition for the PC as well as all current and last-gen consoles (apart from the Nintendo Switch) was released. But what is actually a reason to celebrate also causes some worry lines among the players.

And that in advance, namely when it became known that most mods will not be compatible with the new version. The reason for this is that the Skyrim (buy now 39.90 € /26,99 € ) Anniversary Edition did not use Visual Studio 2015 like all other variants of the game so far, but made use of Visual Studio 2019, which was released four years later.

Mods that are too efficient make them problematic

Many fans are preparing for the arrival of the Anniversary version or the accompanying update, which will also bring all other versions of the game from Visual Studio 2015 to 2019, by uninstalling the majority of mods and only keeping the most important ones. But that doesn’t seem to be enough either, because many players still experience crashes while playing.

So it’s good that competent people like Joseph Russel, the creator of the Lucien mod, have already got involved. On Reddit he describes where the problem comes from: “It came from my seamless interaction system that checks players’ mods when they load the game and then like Inigo [ein anderer Skyrim-Mod] Adds NPCs from other mods. With today’s update, this has led some players to the fact that loading a save led to a game crash. “

According to Russel, the reason for this is that the game has been too efficient since the update: “After digging through my files for a while, I came up with the theory that the script is running faster than before. This means that when a player loads the game, Inigo’s esp file has been recognized, which is why the game tried to use the reference and insert it into the alias. But since the script ran too fast, Inigo’s reference did not have enough time to load, so the script tried to fill the alias with a zero value and crashed as a result. “

To solve the problem for the time being, Russel built a three-second delay into his mod so that there is enough time to load the reference and not cause another crash. Russell emphasizes that his theory is only one possibility. It remains to be seen in which direction the numerous mod creators will develop, now that the new Anniversary Edition is here.

Sources: PC Gamer / JosephRussel97 on Reddit

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