Saturday, November 27

Tell me Disney, don’t you want my money?

Are you still going to the cinema or are you streaming again? In view of the massive fourth corona wave in large parts of Europe, exactly this question arises more than justifiably. Only at Disney and Co. does the current situation seem to have not yet arrived, the customer has no choice. The topic of my current weekend column.

A quick look back: At the beginning of July, I was finally excited about the start of the long overdue Marvel blockbuster “Black Widow” – at the same time in the cinema and on Disney + via a separately purchased VIP ticket (just under 22 euros). Although double vaccinated and with an incidence of around 10 nationwide, I initially decided on the home cinema premiere and was grateful to those responsible at Disney for so much freedom of choice.

Disney +: The VIP ticket is history, the cinema is compulsory

Later, however, this should fall on the feet of the film studio, because “Black Widow” was originally intended for a pure cinema release and the participation agreements with leading actress Scarlett Johansson were drawn up accordingly. First the lawsuit followed and later an expensive settlement. Accordingly, Disney drew conclusions from this and that VIP ticket has been history with the streaming service ever since.

The following Marvel film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” was only shown exclusively in the cinema and is only now, months later, on Disney +. The same applies to the latest hit: “Eternals”. The new heroes are also allowed to appear in the cinema first and will probably not be seen on Disney + until the beginning of 2022.

Currently only available in the cinema – the trailer for the latest Marvel hit in Video:

For me this means: I stay outside and have to wait. Because with the current Corona numbers (nationwide incidence is approaching 300, the local one is already much higher) and the current pressure on our health system, going to the cinema would be anything but a great idea and not particularly responsible. Ergo: Disney goes away empty-handed because I’m neither going to the cinema now, nor can I alternatively buy a VIP ticket on Disney +. They just don’t want my money, hard to believe!

My thoughts on the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect on the “flood of news” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

Freedom of choice wanted: cinema, streaming … your decision

What I would like to say: Sure, Europe is not the world, but the USA is anything but “over the mountain”. For this reason alone, out of solidarity, local film fans should be given a choice again – cinema or streaming. This may be regrettable for cinema operators, but no one can ask me to put myself and others in danger. Alternatively, Disney and Co. could give the cinema operators something from the streaming cake and support them in this way. The same goes for actors and producers. The streaming premiere can also be scheduled two or three weeks later, but not months.

Come on, give me and other movie buffs another choice. Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures, or as Uncle Ben so aptly put it: “Great power leads to great responsibility.” – Time for you to be clear about this.

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