2nd CBT D-1, a preview of ‘Distera’

‘Distera’ is a PC online survival game developed by Reality Magic and scheduled to be serviced by Kakao Games. In this game, set in a sci-fi worldview in which humans leave the devastated earth and explore the universe, users must survive on the devastated earth as pioneers who have been kicked out on the pretext of exploring the earth.

You can find or collect various materials around you with your super-vision sense and mechanical arm, and you can use them to build various weapons, tools, and shelters. Based on this, they survive by finding or making a way to protect themselves from various threats and robots that remain on Earth and patrol the search bases and major facilities. Ultimately, the goal is to prepare a means to return to space and escape before the ‘terra fire’, a disaster that strikes the earth every cycle.

Kakao Games said that before the second CBT, the beginner tutorial was strengthened to increase the accessibility of users, and the fun of surviving cooperatively with other users was added by providing new field bosses and bases. Prior to the full-scale CBT, the media and some testers undergo a stabilization test on the pre-test server from the 13th to the 16th before the start of the CBT, and the second CBT will be held from the 16th to the 23rd. The pre-test server is closed when the 2nd CBT starts, and pre-testers must play on the 2nd CBT main server in the situation where the previous information is initialized.

Users who want to play the 2nd CBT can participate in the beta test with users from all over the world after clicking ‘Request access’ on the Steam Distera store page from the 16th and going through the selection process.