Android 12 for Samsung Galaxy S21: Now everything should go very quickly

Samsung is ready to hit the big red button. The South Korean company has been working on the Android 12 update for the Galaxy S21 smartphones for a few weeks. Now the rollout could start faster than many previously expected.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Android 12 in just a few days?

Samsung has not yet revealed when exactly the Android 12 update will be rolled out for the first Galaxy smartphones. The beta tests for the Galaxy S21 series have been running for a long time. The folding cell phones and some models from the previous year have recently been added. We already said that this is a good sign and that the Galaxy S21 series thus shortly before the receipt of Android 12 stands. The Canadian provider Telus confirms this with a specific date:

According to Telus, Android 12 will be released for Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series on November 23, 2021. (Image: Telus)

Accordingly, the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra from Samsung should supplied with Android 12 on November 23rd will. This is the first specific date that has come up in the context. So far, the rumor mill has only talked about the end of November or the beginning of December. The fact that things could suddenly happen so quickly is of course great, because Samsung would be one of the first manufacturers to distribute the final Android 12 version.

Mobile phone providers are always informed in good time about the rollout of Android updates, as they have to release the new versions for the smartphones. However, it is not certain that the rollout will start worldwide on November 23rd. It is quite conceivable that Android 12 will be available for the Galaxy S21 smartphones in South Korea and maybe even Germany will be rolled out in the coming days. Because these are the countries that have priority. But everything should happen again in waves.

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Samsung shows im Video, what is possible with Android 12:

More Samsung smartphones are likely to follow

But not only the Galaxy S21 smartphones should be supplied with Android 12 this year. The Galaxy S20 series, the folding smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 but also the Galaxy Note 20 series should quickly get Android 12 – if there are no problems with the Galaxy S21 rollout.