Battlefield 2042: List of Known Problems & Bugs – What DICE Has Still To Work On

DICE publishes a list of known issues with Battlefield 2042. In a recent entry on the EA Help website, Community Manager Kevin Johnson comments that the development teams have worked hard to make the first-person shooter as fluid and rewarding as possible. However, there is no launch without errors: Players could still run into one or the other problem in the first few weeks after the release. In the list of known problems, the developers include all bugs that have been reported by the players since the early access.

Players can check the current status on the EA Help website – and at the same time find out which errors other users have encountered. For example, the developers are working on a fix for a problem that incorrectly outputs the reward for the “first match of the day”. In addition, DICE investigates connection problems related to the error message “Error: Loading of persistent data failed (2002G)”. The first changes went live on November 12th, and last Sunday the makers announced that they wanted to investigate further error messages on this topic.

DICE is also involved in the Battlefield Portal matchmaking system: over the weekend, players reported being stuck in an infinitely long queue if they wanted to join particularly popular Battlefield Portal experiences. “There is currently no other way to leave the queue than to completely terminate the entire program,” writes DICE and explains that they want to investigate the error further. On the map Umbruch, in turn, rubber banding can occur if the large silos on the map are destroyed. DICE also wants to solve this problem with an upcoming update. The list of known errors currently comprises more than 40 entries – you can find them on the EA Help page at this link.

Battlefield 2042 can be played in Early Access by pre-orderers of the Gold and Ultimate Editions as well as EA Play Pro members (PC) since November 12th. A ten-hour trial version is available through EA Play. All other players can join the battle on November 19th.

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