Concern about Christmas presents: Otto makes a clear announcement

Consumers in Germany can look forward to Christmas despite the bad news about the global replenishment of goods. At least that’s what the boss of the online retailer Otto thinks. There you are sure to be able to meet the demand – at least in most cases.

Stock full: Otto is ready for the Christmas business

Otto wants to save Christmas. At least that is how the announcement by Marc Opelt can be understood, who as chairman of the divisional board in the Otto Group is responsible for online trading. “It will be one for Christmas largely good supply because this product has been here for a long time, ”he explained (source: dpa via Time).

However, this is not a guarantee that every item in the portfolio will be available. Restrictions cannot be ruled out, but serious difficulties are only expected in spring, if at all. In other words: the Supplies could cause trouble, but the warehouses are full. Opelt explains: “We can sell whatever goods are already in our warehouse. But everything that is still to come can be difficult under certain circumstances. “

The Federal Association of E-Commerce and Mail Order Germany (BEVH) supports Otto – and goes even further: the situation is similar with most retailers, the warehouses are well stocked. Although 90 percent of the providers already have bottlenecks, Only around 20 percent expect serious restrictions the availability during the Christmas season.

A previous survey by the Ifo Institute showed a different picture: Here around three quarters of the retailers surveyed were concerned about replenishment of goods – albeit in the retail sector.

High demand, little replenishment: game consoles remain in short supply

“That explains why the supply for the Christmas business with the exception of absolute trend items still appears to be guaranteed ”, said a spokesman for the BEVH. But that is not a promise either. The crux of the matter: The trend items in particular are likely to be difficult to come by, some of them already now, for example with game consoles such as the PlayStation 5. And – as the name trend items already suggests – the interest in buying is particularly high there.

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So if you absolutely need that one gift, you should act quickly this year. For all those who are flexible, the announcement from Otto and the BEVH means a little more relaxation when shopping online for Christmas.