Furnishing: Gray Raven Launches ‘Kowloon Night Port’ Update

Source – Hong Kong Hero Entertainment

Hong Kong Hero Entertainment (CEO Yang Bin) announced on the 15th that the new mobile action RPG ‘Furnishing: Gray Raven’, developed by Kuro Game and serviced by the company, will proceed with a new version update ‘Kowloon Night’. .

Through this update, users can acquire the new A-class structure Chrome/Arrow through ‘member sniper’, and the re-appearing S-class lightning property structure ‘Bianca Jinri’ on November 25th through ‘Limited Theme Research’ It can be obtained with a 100% chance. In addition, through abundant in-game and community events, various rewards such as basic character researcher and black card, serum, and Google gift card can be obtained.

In ‘Furnishing: Gray Raven’ to which the ‘Kowloon Night Port’ update has been applied, users can use not only the new structure, but also the new 6-star weapon ‘Saint Elmo’, the new coating chrome and arc ‘Nightmare Machine Soldier’, and the Bianca and Jinri special effect coating ‘Monday Night’. Mildam’ and a new furniture set ‘Christmas Night’ can be seen.

In addition, users will be able to meet the main and hidden stories of ‘Kowloon Night Port’, where they can acquire event goods and materials for training when they clear the stage for the first time. In addition, you can check the side story of Chrome and Hogwang, ‘The Perfect One’, new content ‘Border Promise’, ‘Samsunbangru’, and ‘Janggyeongseong Journey’.

In addition, ‘Furnishing: Gray Raven’ adds ‘Battle Rosetta!’, a cooperative operation BOSS content that stimulates users’ desire to challenge, and a new boss stage, ‘Land of Shinwoo’. In the land of Shinwoo content, users can battle with ‘Hwaseo’ as a high-level challenge, and they can acquire rewards such as black cards, insect coins, and electronic signatures upon clearing the first level of each difficulty.

In addition to this, ‘Furnishing: Gray Raven’ will receive rich rewards while enjoying various games through the introduction of ‘Cyber ​​Shopping Mall’, ‘Wide Area Storage Terminal’, and ‘Energy Recovery Operation EX’ missions that can be exchanged for various event items. allowed me to go

More details about this update and events can be found through the official community and in-game announcements.

A Hong Kong Hero Entertainment official said, “This new version update is focused on allowing users to enjoy rich benefits just by enjoying the game in a variety of ways.