GTA Trilogy: First user ratings could hardly be worse

When asked how bad the player ratings for the GTA Trilogy should be, Rockstar apparently spoke up loudly: And! responded. After all, the new edition of the popular classics GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas is approaching a new one Negative record on Metacritic: the lowest user score of all games available on Metacritic.

It is unlikely that anything will change in the almost disastrous state of the trilogy in the near future. Maybe the disaster is just beginning now:

The real remaster disaster is yet to come


more on the subject

The real remaster disaster is yet to come

the competitor must already be trembling

At the time this article was written (November 15, 2021), the PS5 version of the GTA Trilogy is coming with almost 2,000 reviews only a user score of 0.5 (out of 10). So you are only two places behind Front runner Madden NFL 22 – or just a place to Madden lands as XSX- and PS5 version equal to the last two ranks.

It is of course not to assume that Rockstar and responsible for the trilogy developers Grove Street Games really want to claim this record for themselves. But even if patches should appear that put the game in a much better condition, it will be difficult to escape from the rating cellar.

In our video you can find out how the GTA trilogy is on the PC from a technical point of view:

GTA: Definitive Edition - Rockstar's greatest disgrace


GTA: Definitive Edition – Rockstar’s greatest disgrace

But let’s just let the reviewers (at least those who express constructive criticism) have their say. What exactly bothers you about the GTA trilogy? To find out, we came across a couple of key issues that keep coming up:

The technology: Unsurprisingly, the technical substructure is the focus of criticism. Wherever there is a problem, the enumeration of the user should be Mindurbidniss make clear:

Iconic songs removed, strange graphic glitches, places on the map where you simply fall through the floor, disappeared effects such as fog or haze, bizarre-looking characters, inconsistent lighting, loveless menus and controls that are somehow even worse than in the Original. Just play the originals.

By the way, there is reasonably good news on the PC: At the moment, a simple trick is making the rounds on how you can improve the performance of the game. How this trick works and what it really brings, Nils has summarized for you:

GTA Trilogy: Performance Fix aims to improve performance


Tuning tip

GTA Trilogy: Performance Fix aims to improve performance

The optics and aesthetics: According to the community reviewers, the entire style of the originals suffered greatly from the new look. Of course, this mainly applies to the character models and their bizarre faces. The user hall261 summarizes this criticism as follows:

The original style and aesthetics have completely disappeared. The game and visual design are destroyed. […] Now all games look equally bad, like a mix of Roblox and Fortnite. The original trilogy aimed for realism as much as the PS2 allowed. you [die Entwickler] created an ugly cartoon.

Rock star as a company: Many users are simply disappointed with the behavior of rock stars. The company, once celebrated for games like GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2, seems to have lost some of its reputation. You can tell in reviews like that of last1matum:

They banned mods, removed the original games from stores, cut out a lot of music and created ugly cartoon characters. The games are full of bugs and are based on bad mobile ports – basically these are the old games with new lighting and by KI upscaled textures. And yes, they charge $ 60 for it.

Our dear Markus does not express it quite as harshly as the Metacritic users, but he is also angry about the state of the GTA new editions, as he clarifies in his column:

GTA and Skyrim show how remasters shouldn't be



GTA and Skyrim show how remasters shouldn’t be

There are also positive voices

But there are also some positive reviews: These are often just intended to counterbalance the user score with ratings such as 10/10, but here, too, you can discover some more differentiated reviews that show the positive sides of the games emphasize.

For example, the rating of the user YoHaNMeTaLBrwho writes:

The game is ok. It’s good because it’s basically still the old GTA. But in terms of graphics: the city is beautiful and the textures are much cleaner than in the original games.

We can’t say the same about the characters. They look like Play Doh toys. The rain looks like it’s made of milk.

Likewise, sits between the chairs too SparkySyndicatewho expresses his opinion as follows:

6/10 for the good old days … The GTA Trilogy has an identity crisis, suggesting not that many thoughts on the remaster were made. It feels half baked, and I can understand what the developers were trying to achieve. For newcomers, the game looks a lot nicer, the colors and reflections are a significant improvement on the original. But does it feel better too? That depends. I personally enjoyed playing the San Andreas Remaster, it has brought back a lot of memories, but I am just can not convince yourself that these three games are the 60 dollars worth.

If you don’t care about all those negative voices and you just have fun with the games, that’s perfectly fine, of course. Perhaps you’ve already discovered some old cheats with which you can do a lot of nonsense in the remaster versions. For GTA San Andreas we have already made a list of the cheat commands including their activation:

GTA San Andreas: All PC cheats and how you activate them

Cheats im Remaster

GTA San Andreas: All PC cheats and how you activate them

And how it looks with you? What would you miss the GTA trilogy if you had to leave a review? Are there any points for you that, despite the obvious weaknesses, still stand out positively? Please write us in the comments!