Joy City signs MOU for blockchain game service with Wemade

Data provided – Joy City

Joy City (CEO Cho Seong-won) announced on the 15th that it had signed an MOU with Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) for blockchain business, game development and release.

Through this business agreement, Joycity will receive support for the issuance of game tokens linked with WeMade’s blockchain technology and development and release of new works using the Wemix platform.

WeMade provides services across blockchain technology, such as R&D support for game release and wallet creation on the Wemix platform.

The two companies plan to establish a partnership to service various genres of games to which blockchain technology is applied, and also explore possibilities for new game markets.

Joy City plans to quickly preoccupy the play-to-one (P2E) SLG market by preparing war simulation games that are already successful in the global market, such as ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’, as a serviceable version on the Wemix platform.

At the same time, we will establish a TF team that can cooperate in the overall blockchain business to further develop existing live games and to discover new business models for new games that are about to be released.

Wemade CEO Jang Hyeon-guk said, “We have high expectations for ‘Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’, which has already been successful in the global market, to be onboarded to Wemix. We will do our best to enjoy the first mover advantage like ‘Mir 4’.”

Joycity CEO Cho Seong-won said, “I think that the war game genre that Joy City is focusing on has a good suitability for operation based on blockchain. We will do our best to provide fun to global users.”