New video released Summoners War: Chronicle, ‘Make it a P2E game’

Mobile game company Com2uS (CEOs Jae-Jun Song, Joo-Hwan Song) announced on the 15th that it has released a new cinematic video for the new MMORPG ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ (hereinafter referred to as Chronicle) scheduled to be released next year.

Chronicle is an MMORPG under development based on the hit ‘Summoners War’ IP, and it is a work that has been ported to the MMORPG genre, which is the core content of Summoners War, a summons system. In addition, he also announced the news of development in the form of P2E that recently introduced blockchain technology.

Com2us said that it plans to create a global representative P2E (Play to Earn) game by combining the IP power of Summoners War with a protocol economy that shares the performance of gameplay with users through blockchain-based items and goods.

In the video released this time, three summoners leading the story of Chronicle, such as ‘Orbia’, ‘Kina’, and ‘Cliff’, and various summoned characters who inherited Summoners War IP appeared and told the story. In particular, battle scenes set on a vast stage and the story of the summoner and the summoner sharing adventures and friendship with each other gave a glimpse into the game’s story and worldview.

Meanwhile, Chronicle is about to be soft launched in the first quarter of next year, and will support both mobile and PC platforms. Users can enjoy the fun of strategic play through battles with summoned animals as a team, and can also enjoy party play where they fight and grow with their colleagues in the background of various concepts such as deserts and glaciers. In addition, various contents such as dungeons that solve and attack gimmicks such as traps and puzzles will be provided.