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New World: Helpful tips to make your MMO life easier

The MMO New World was launched almost two months ago. However, there are still some things that even seasoned players may not have known or that may not be as obvious. Fortunately, there is now a corresponding overview.

Tips & Guide for New World

The Reddit user “michael-hex” recently went out of the way to compile a list of such helpful details. He openly admits that he did not find out all these details himself, but rather collected them from various sources. You are probably already familiar with some of the items on this list, but others may even be new to a level 60 player.

The selection ranges from useful shortcuts that make your life as an online adventurer a little easier, to special tricks in certain situations. Maybe you also have one or the other tip ready. Here are some examples in the overview:

  • You can cancel the “victory pose” and the camera movement while fishing by clicking the left mouse button immediately after completing the circle mini-game
  • The same applies to the overview of results for crafting; here you can jump to the next crafting result with the left mouse button
  • Wells also count as crates in “Search boxes for …” style quests. You should therefore always look out for a well in the respective areas
  • Press and hold CTRL + S to disassemble items without further prompting
  • To protect an object from being accidentally dismantled, you have to hold down the L key and click on the object with the left mouse button. In this way you create some kind of protection
  • If you have pressed ESC to display the menu, you will see three icons before each marked quest (“show on map”, “show in diary” and “no longer mark”). Using these icons is much faster than going through the diary
  • Regeneration and healing potions do not have the same cooldown timer. It is therefore useful to equip yourself with both drinkers
  • Hold ALT + H to hide the entire interface. This is very suitable for taking screenshots of the game
  • You can block with the right mouse button continuously and attack with the left mouse button without breaking the block


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