New World: Taler transfer deactivated again

Recently, Amazon players discovered MMORPG New World once again one Glitch. This enabled furniture for your own home, among other things be duplicated. This of course also included the trophies, which grant numerous reinforcements in the game. These are usually quite rare and of course expensive as permanent buffs are worth some.

This glitch allowed particularly expensive items to be duplicated and sold. Shared on the official forums of the game User the existence of the glitch and how to implement this. In addition, a video was published on YouTube, which has since been taken offline again.

Taler transfer deactivated again

The whole situation sparked quite a heated discussion with the game developers. “Mmm, yes, attack the developer – good strategy,” wrote New World developer Kay, for example, in response to a few posts that have since been deleted.

At first, the developers were probably not sure whether items were actually duplicated here. However, after a night of sleep and retrospective, Kay stated that they are working on a solution to the new glitch.

Until there is a solution to the problem, the Taler-Transfer in New World (buy now 39,99 €)deactivated (again), how Community Manager Tosch explains in a separate post:

“We are aware of a possible duplication exploit that has been spread on forums and social media. While we are investigating the exploit, we have temporarily disabled all forms of asset transfers between players (e.g. sending currencies, guild coffers, trading posts, player accounts, to player trading) Any player who participated in the use of this exploit will be penalized accordingly.

As soon as the duplication exploit has been investigated and we are ready to re-enable the wealth transfer, we will update this post.

Thanks for your understanding.”

Understandably, gamers are not particularly enthusiastic about this and create hence a couple of threads in the forumsto complain about the situation. After all, this is the second time that the game’s entire economy has been put on hold, so to speak.

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