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Pokémon GO: Radiant Diamond is about to start – event information, free items & bonuses

Niantic is celebrating the release of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl for Nintendo Switch. To coincide with the start of the remakes (November 19), a new event is going live in Pokémon Go, with pocket monsters from the Sinnoh region appearing more frequently than usual It starts on November 16 at 10 am, followed by part 2 “Shining Pearl” on November 18. The end of the event is scheduled for November 21st. For the entire duration of the event, incubators are twice as fast and super incubators three times as fast as usual.

There are also costumed Pokémon on the move, including Chelast with a Lucius hat, Panflam with a Lucius hat, Chelast with a Lucia hat and Plinfa with a Lucia hat. If you are lucky, you will also meet the shiny specimens of the pocket monsters. There is also a new collector’s challenge going live where you have to catch individual Pokémon. If you complete the challenge, you will receive 1,000 XP, 3,000 stardust and an encounter with Frosdedje.

Free Items in the Ingame Shop

Stop by the Event Shop today from 9 p.m. to pick up items such as the Sinnoh hat, Sinnoh top set, Sinnoh pants, Sinnoh shoes, Sinnoh backpack, Sinnoh skirt and Sinnoh boots for free. A free event box contains 20 Pokéballs and a Sinnoh stone. For 300 Pokécoins you get a superbox with three super incubators, two incubators and a lock module.

“The first half of the event pays homage to Pokémon Radiant Diamond. During this period, Chelast, Panflam and Plinfa with Lucius hats appear in the wild,” announces Niantic zum Event in Pokémon Go at. In addition, monsters such as Jurob, Bidiza and Kramurx are out and about in the wild – together with their shiny variants. There is also a chance of an encounter with Sichlor, Larvitar, Burmy (sand cloak) and Bamelin.

In the raid battles of level 1, Bronzel and Driftlon are on the way, on level 3 Despotar and Schlapor, on level 5 Cresselia is waiting. In the mega raids you face mega slapstick. In addition, he is busy hatching eggs: for example, Knospi, Mobai and Riolu hatch from the 7 km eggs. For the completion of field research tasks, encounters with Pokémon such as child worm, Panflam with Lucia hat and Plinfa with Lucia hat beckon. Schilterus is also there.

In the second half of “Shining Pearl” – starting on November 18 – the line-up of pocket monsters in Pokémon Go changes. Then, among others, Pinsir, Bidiza and Seemops are out and about in the wilderness. In the raids you will meet Driftlon, Toxiquak and Galagladi, for example. For field research tasks, monsters such as Burmy with lamp capes, Larvitar and Koknodon are available. So it should be worthwhile to pay a visit to the Pokémon Go game world in the next few days.

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