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PUBG New State (Battleground New State), let’s look for some on YouTube today!

2017The idea of ​​PUBG, released in 2017, was very simple.. 100A plane carrying four players moves to a huge island,, Many parachutes fall. Gamers must use various weapons and armor to survive in this deathmatch., Need to find supplies. It is also important to find the drop point before. Items appear randomly, If you’re lucky, the killing starts indiscriminately from the moment you fall.. The game unfolds like this, Very exciting because the results are unpredictable. From the moment you get off the plane, sometimes you jump early or jump late to keep your distance.. Who can leisurely find the loot, Some may reach a battlefield where tensions are escalating. If you are afraid of the situation of capturing weapons and equipment from the moment you fall, maximum 4It’s not bad to form a team of people..

Above all, this game was more accessible than the existing deathmatch games.. The system is so simplistic that you can come up with tactics on the fly.. It is thanks to these advantages that Battlegrounds can be enjoyed by people of all ages.. Because online users are mixed with each other,, Unintentional comical situations happen.. being killed by gamers traveling by vehicle, or, If you sniper from a distance with a rifle, Truly youtubethis will come out.

appeared this time Battlegrounds New Statereleased as a mobile game to increase accessibility. that you can play for free, and 1Lack of confidence in first person shooter games Barryn(battle ground+child)’also made it easy to enjoy.

Personally 1First person shooter game reposalwas a series. followed by QuakeIn the series, there was a time when I enjoyed battles with my acquaintances offline without realizing the passage of time.. At the time, the term deathmatch was unfamiliar., it was a fresh experience.

In that sense, PUBG is a pretty cute game.. Thanks to the random appearance of the item, it evokes tension from the point of fall., Acquaintances cause laughter. Especially when moving in a car, funny scenes are often produced., It is especially popular among streamers’ videos..

I don’t know if that’s the developer’s intention., Another advantage of this game is that there is not much death pressure.. ‘Rainbow SixThere is no serious corner like, no pain of failure. Instead, the laughter that makes gamers burst out with various performances dominates.. It’s unintentionally mixed with technical issues and not-so-pretty art styles.. How many gamers are dissatisfied with being beaten to death with a frying pan?? There’s no reason to be upset because you don’t know where you were shot and killed.. Gamers just accept this randomly thrown fate, enjoy.

But for some it can be a boring game.. Since it was released on mobile, it can be controlled with a virtual joystick, so speed battle itself is unreasonable.. Besides, it is quite difficult to play on a mobile with a small display.. It would be nice if you could enjoy it on a big display like the iPad., It’s probably less fun than controlling with a mouse.. Personally, I enjoy using a mouse or pad. 1I quickly missed person shooter games.. In recent years overwatchAs an advanced deathmatch game like this is being released with high-end specifications, we can discuss the difference in technology..

However, the influence of this game cannot be ignored.. I did too, Competitiveness doesn’t matter much in this game. Finding the point where you want to engage at the moment you fall, Sometimes it felt like pressure, From the moment I was enjoying it regardless of victory or defeat. From the moment you decorate your body with loot 100It is engraved naturally to how much the character of the name has been reduced..

The first impression of Newstate is that the tension is somewhat relieved. PC was the version. 100a gamer 10Let’s say it’s reduced to female. Assuming that it is less than that and only loot from acquaintances,, 10not minutes 30The game won’t end in minutes. PCIn this situation social hallI remember being called. Travel around the wide island with your friends and get loot, while exchanging, Talk about what happened at work and with friends.

It’s just because it’s a mobile version, PC It didn’t feel as complicated as the version. 10than people 4It doesn’t matter that the battle of the name is better, The game itself is loosely developed.. acquaintances 2whether artificial, 4whether artificial, The problem is that the game itself lacks tension.. Of course, it is possible that only the servers you entered had boring characters.. However, there have been many cases where they entered a particularly spacious house and waited for a competitor.. Maybe it’s because of the mobile version without speed warfare?.

To be honest, I can’t help but discuss the dramatic scenes in not only the battlegrounds but also the deathmatch games.. hiding in the bathroom, Every moment the door opens and closes, the scene where the gun shoots fire is also related to sound.. Combat considering the noise aspect, And the same goes for large-scale battles between friends.. Once you get used to this game to some extent, you can figure out the flight path and, Able to engage in battles quickly. It is a pleasure not to be missed in military action..

Newstate, released this time, has improved many aspects over the previous mobile version.. Not only the graphics, but also the interface and the motion of the characters have been improved., Various designs have been changed. What stands out is PC The version and the motion look similar.. In spite of these good conditions, The mobile version is still boring for me personally. Returning to the desktop may be just a matter of time, especially for gamers who love speed-fighting..

The most serious, unfortunately, is a network problem, just like its predecessor.. There is an increasing number of people who are suffering from headaches as the hacking problem overlaps.. This problem is actually 2017has been mentioned in years. Even among foreign gamers 100The fact that more than 10,000 accounts were banned was no consolation.. It seems that not only hacking but also testimonies that bugs have been witnessed have not been resolved in the mobile successor version, although the number of testimonials on the portal continues to grow..

I don’t know if I should call it the eternal homework of domestic mobile games., server connection problem. Network is often disconnected, It was even said that the payment of compensation was strange.. was the release date 11At work, the problem of payment itself not being processed overlapped, so I rushed to check the server..

But even today, among streamers, the so-called youtubeThe battle to capture the. That is why PUBG is such a great game that it changed the perception of gamers itself.. I, too, will enjoy the game until the virtual joystick shows off a spectacular battle that I can get used to, rather than just being bored in the room..

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