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‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ officially released on January 20, 2022… Content roadmap released | Ruri Web

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– Surprisingly revealed at the Six Swedish Major… Expectations ↑ by releasing a lot of various contents and things to enjoy

– For the first time in the series, operator training is possible… End content will be provided at the same time

Ubisoft Entertainment, a leader in game development, distribution and publishing, has announced that its new co-op tactical FPS, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, will be officially released on January 20, 2022.

Ubisoft made a surprise announcement of the official release date and content roadmap of Rainbow Six Extraction at the ‘Six Sweden Major’ site, the Rainbow Six Siege global e-sports competition. In particular, the in-depth operator growth system, wide difficulty settings, a completely new and unpredictable map that is three times the size of the existing Rainbow Six Siege map, and more than 60 types of weapons were simultaneously released, raising the expectations of fans.

Rainbow Six Extraction, which is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studios, will provide an immersive gaming experience through a new type of PvE co-op. The player will perform various operations while dealing with the threat of a mysterious alien creature called ‘Archion’ in a containment area where an unknown alien virus infection has occurred.

For the first time in the Rainbow Six series, Rainbow Six Extraction allows players to directly train a total of 18 operators and strengthen them in various ways. Players can also level up to unlock new containment areas, operators, cosmetic items, special skills, new stories, and more. Rainbow Six Extraction will provide most of its content for free after its release, and will also introduce a variety of end content for players’ rich gaming experience.

Players can enjoy ‘Crazy Protocol’, a weekly challenge mode that consists of a total of 9 stages, and can perform special missions and receive special rewards through ‘Crisis Event’, a limited-time event composed of themed content. In addition, through ‘Mission’, a special challenge that changes the game settings every week, you can perform missions in a different way that you have not experienced before, such as no HUD, limited ammunition, and the application of friendly fire.

Rainbow Six Extraction is currently pre-ordering, and pre-orders will receive an in-game skin called ‘Orbital Collapse Bundle’ as a gift. In addition, ‘Buddy Pass Token’ is provided so that you can enjoy the fun of cooperative tactical FPS with your friends, and you can invite friends to play the game together for up to 14 days. Rainbow Six Extraction supports cross-play, so players from different platforms can enjoy the game together, and saved campaigns can be continued on other game platforms.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on various gaming platforms, including Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Stadia. More information about Rainbow Six Extraction can be found on the official website and on the Rainbow Six Korea YouTube channel.

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