Samsung surprises: Old smartwatches get Galaxy Watch 4 features

Samsung distributes functions of the Galaxy Watch 4 in older smartwatches. (Image source: GIGA)

The Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung offers some interesting functions that were previously only available on the smartwatch. But that’s the end of it: Samsung has surprisingly announced that it will also equip older smartwatches with previously exclusive features.

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Galaxy Watch 4: More Samsung smartwatches get features

A few months after the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic) with Wear OS 3, Samsung wants a few of the previously exclusive functions also offer on other smartwatches. Even a watch from 2018 will be provided with the update, as the group has confirmed. But not every smartwatch has the best features.

According to Samsung, the update should be for smartwatches Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2 und Galaxy Watch 3 be distributed. Depending on the region, the new firmware can already be installed using the Galaxy Wearable app. First you want to supply the respective Bluetooth variants (source: Samsung).

Im Video: That’s what we think of the Galaxy Watch 4 in detail.

As a highlight for the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2, the advanced case detection go through. When the watch detects a fall, it sends an SOS notification to previously selected contacts. In addition, the “Group Challenges” are now available on many Samsung smartwatches. Users can add their friends or family members to a challenge to either work as a team or compete against each other.

Samsung: ten new watch faces for everyone

With the update, new watch faces are coming to Samsung smartwatches. Image: Samsung.

The watch faces introduced with the Galaxy Watch 4 will be offered with the update on other smartwatches from the group. Owners can choose between different backgrounds and text colors by simply tapping on the respective watch face. According to Samsung, this “takes personalization one step further”.

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