‘Super People’ to start global CBT from December 7th

The global CBT of ‘Super People’, a new PC battle royale being developed by Wonder People, will start on December 7.

‘Super People’ is a battle royale game where you select one of 12 types of Super Soldiers with various characteristics and specialized skills and compete to survive as the last person or the last squad. It is characterized by adding a leveling element that increases the level by surviving a long time, killing an enemy, or acquiring an item based on a shooting base. Here, if you are above a certain level, you can learn and use the ultimate skill to lead the battle to an advantage.

After being first released on July 14, Super People revealed a rough gameplay to users through an alpha test on August 11. After that, the global CBT was announced from October 28, and the test schedule was released today (15th) through a notice on the Steam page.

This global CBT will be held through Steem from December 7th, and in order to apply for CBT, you need a new account with Wonder People’s own platform, GeeGee, linked with a Steem account. Users who already have a GeeGee account must create a new GeeGee account through Steam to participate in CBT. Users who participated in the alpha test must enter the same mobile phone number they used during the alpha test to receive global CBT participation benefits.

More information on Super People CBT can be found on the Super People Steam page.