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Taiwan ignites legislation related to probability-type items

※Inven delivers the Taiwanese game market report every month. Take a look at the news of the Taiwanese game market, which is becoming increasingly important. The report material was provided by HappyTuk (, which is running an online/mobile game publishing business in Taiwan.

The momentum of Diablo 2 Resurrection, which hit the month of September in Taiwan as well as Korea, continued in October. Even after a month has passed since its launch, the community index showed an increase, widening the gap with second place. On mobile, the Lineage brothers are ranked 1st and 3rd in Google’s sales, and ‘About Reincarnated Slimes: The Story of the Founding of the Demon King and the Dragon’, released on October 28th, is getting a good response by ranking first in the popularity rankings. .

On the other hand, as a popular Taiwanese YouTuber raised a controversy regarding the probability of the Lineage M Taiwan server operated by Gamania, consumer action is underway in Taiwan to enact a law related to probability-type items. In addition, to protect the rights and interests of e-sports players and coaching staff and to support their activities, an e-sports founding meeting was held to discuss specific measures.

Taiwan PC/Mobile Game Rankings for October
Diablo 2, which maintains the overwhelming No. 1 / Lineage brothers, who climbed to No. 1 and No. 3 in Google sales

■ October PC game rankings in Taiwan

Following September, Diablo 2 Resurrection took the top spot in Taiwan’s PC game rankings. A large number of users have flowed in since the launch in September, and on October 2, a user battle event with a total prize money of 120,000 Taiwan dollars (about 5.09 million won) was held, continuing the interest of local users.

Other than that, while traditionally strong games such as MapleStory and League of Legends maintained the ranking, the new ‘Back 4 Blood’ released on October 8th by the creators of Left for Dead cooperated with the unique hot zombie shooting action to overcome difficulties. Showing the thrill of overcoming it, it newly entered 8th place. Another change in the TOP 20 is the re-entry of the rankings of the Swordsmanship series, which is analyzed to be due to the performance of the ‘Sunswordsmanship and blood battles 7’ released on October 22nd.

As soon as they were released in September, ‘Harry Potter: The Magic Wakes Up’ and Maple Valley R, which had topped the Google Play and App Store popularity rankings as soon as they were released, fell out of the TOP 10 due to a drop in new inflows. Harry Potter: The Magic of Wakes has dropped to the top 30 as of November 4th.

■ October Taiwan Mobile Game Ranking

In the Taiwanese mobile game popularity ranking in October, the game to watch out for was Jeon Saengseul: The Story of the Establishment of the Demon King and the Dragon. Based on the IP of the popular anime ‘About Reincarnated Slime’, this game received a lot of attention from Taiwanese users even before its release. It ranked first in the Google Play popularity rankings and 5th in the App Store popularity rankings.

In terms of sales, while Lineage M and Lineage 2M ranked 1st and 3rd in Google Play sales, the second country re-entered the TOP 10 with App Store sales 5th and Google Play sales 7th. ‘Maple Valley R’, an idle RPG based on MapleStory, which ranked first in popularity in both major markets immediately after its release in September, ranked first in Google sales, and ranked first in App Store sales, ranked only 7th in App Store sales. In addition, while MMORPGs and RPGs emerged, casual games, which were the main genres of the Taiwanese mobile market, showed a slight decline in October, with only Coinmaster remaining.

Major Issues in Taiwan’s Game Industry in October
Controversy over Korean server odds and different Lineage M Taiwan server odds / Establishment of promotion group to promote e-sports

The issue of probability-type items, which became a hot topic in Korea, emerged as a new problem in the Taiwanese game industry in October. The issue started when Taiwanese YouTuber ‘Dante’ pointed out that the legend production probability of Lineage M was different from the stated one. The probability of producing a legend on the Lineage M Taiwan server operated by Gamania was 10%, the same as in Korea, but ‘Dante’ was broadcast twice during the broadcast, about 2 million Taiwan dollars, for a total of 4 million Taiwan dollars (about 120 million Korean Won). ) and the test result, it was mentioned that it was 2.3%, which fell short of the notice.

While issues related to random items arose among Taiwanese users, ‘Dante’ filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Committee, claiming that the law related to stochastic items was necessary as in Korea. Accordingly, the Consumer Protection Commission held a press conference to legislate a random item with popular game streamers and gamers in Taiwan on October 14, drawing a lot of attention from the locals.

▲ On October 14th, Taiwan Consumer Protection Commission held a press conference to legislate random items with game broadcasters.

Gamania, which is in charge of Lineage M Taiwan service, deleted the production probability that became an issue after the exposure broadcast of ‘Dante’, and announced a statement on October 8 that “there was no probability adjustment.” He also expressed his strong support for the promotion of probabilistic item legislation.

On the other hand, e-sports showed a movement to revive again. Taiwan is the region that produced the League of Legends World Championship season 2 champion TPA, and was also selected as one of the four major regions of the League of Legends World Championship. In addition, it has been recognized as one of the representative e-sports powerhouses by consistently holding various e-sports leagues and competitions every year. However, recently, the poor working environment of e-sports players and coaching staff has been highlighted, and their performance in international competitions is also lower than before.

In order to promote e-sports in Taiwan, the Taiwan e-sports founding meeting was held on October 29 to discuss specific measures. At the same time, we plan to establish an e-sports policy promotion association to systematically support e-sports and attract public attention.

▲ The Taiwanese e-Sports Promotion Association was established on October 29th.

New and anticipated works in Taiwan in October

■ About being a slime after being reincarnated: The story of the founding of a demon king and a dragon

⊙Developer: WFS ⊙ Platform: mobile ⊙Release Date: October 28, 2021

Based on the popular animation of the same name, “About Reincarnating Was a Slime: The Story of the Founding of a Demon King and a Dragon” is a battle RPG that embodies the characters in the original with 3D cartoon rendering. While focusing on reviving the original characters and story, it received a favorable response from subculture and original fans, ranking first in the popularity rankings after its release in Taiwan.

■ Star Ocean Divine Force

⊙Developer: Square Enix ⊙ Platform: PC, PS, XBOX ⊙Release Date: 2022

‘Star Ocean Divine Force’, the latest installment in the Star Ocean series, which has been popular since the PS days for its unique game play, voice support close to full voice, OST, etc., is a fusion of science fiction and fantasy. According to Square Enix’s announcement, you can freely traverse and explore the widest field map in the series, and the battles will unfold seamlessly without switching screens, allowing you to enjoy the fast action unique to the Star Ocean series. Additional information is expected to be released in the spring of 2022, and it is expected to be released within the year 2022.

■ Dragon Raja Origin

⊙Developer: Billion Games ⊙ Platform: mobile ⊙Release Date: Undefined

‘Dragon Raja Origin’ is a mobile MMORPG based on ‘Dragon Raja’, the bestseller written by Youngdo Lee, who hit the domestic genre literature scene in the 90s. It was scheduled to be released in Taiwan in October of the same year after the domestic release in 2021, but was delayed indefinitely due to development issues.

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