Tesla is upgrading charging stations: first supercharger with WiFi spotted

Tesla wants to upgrade its own charging stations. Instead of relying on more power and faster charging, the time on site should be as pleasant as possible. Elon Musk’s satellite internet is supposed to help. However, the innovation also comes with dampers for Tesla drivers.

E-cars, especially from Tesla, have long been more than just a means of transport. Additional technical equipment and entertainment features should make driving and staying as pleasant as possible. For that you need the internet.

Satellite internet turns Tesla’s charging station into an entertainment center

Tesla customers can have it run directly over the car via the LTE network for a surcharge, cost in the US: 10 dollars. But this is probably not the only option in the future, because it will be first supercharger locations with WiFi coverage equipped (source: Electrek). The Internet is provided by Starlink, the satellite Internet, whose boss Elon Musk is also Tesla.

There are still no official statements about the possible conditions or a start. If the use just a additional service around the Supercharger At no extra cost, users could stream one or more episodes of their favorite series on the Tesla while they were charging.

That should go down well with Tesla drivers, especially with many who are against the planned opening of the Supercharger network to other brands and because of that fear long queues. Although this potentially makes the charging time more pleasant, it may also possibly be longer.

Extras for superchargers, too few components for e-cars

The little WiFi candy could help swallow another toad: Some Tesla buyers in the USA have to do without parts of the equipment. Tesla has come through the chip crisis better than many other automakers thanks to early mass purchases, but the Americans are also running out of components.

SpaceX’s Tesla and Starlink are now working together, but what other ventures are part of the Musk empire? in the Video is there the answer:

Some Model 3 and Model Y are currently included fewer USB ports on the center console shipped, while the latter has just recently raised its price by $ 1,000. Even the function for wireless charging of the smartphone via the integrated Qi charging pad in the Tesla is currently not available in some cases, as affected Tesla drivers report (source: Electrek). However, the reports refer to individual cases, not to model series.

BMW recently faced similar problems. Many models cannot be offered with a touchscreen function because the necessary chips are missing. In this case, however, BMW offers a price reduction while one at Tesla silence preserved until the defect is noticed. Then it is said that the missing parts will be delivered as soon as they are available.