Windows 11: Microsoft wants to eliminate the right-click chaos

Microsoft wants to revise the new context menu of Windows 11. (Image source: GIGA)

Together with Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a new context menu that has not met with much approval. Now, after all, the aim is to ensure a uniform appearance and better performance. The basic problem of the right-click menu remains, however.

Windows 11: Uniform right-click menu is coming

Some users have already installed Windows 11 behind them. In many cases, it didn’t take long for that new context menu drew attention to itself unpleasantly. Microsoft has now understood that too, because apparently the right-click menu is to be revised.

In contrast to Windows 10, not all options are available with Windows 11 after a right-click. Only a click on “Show more options” delivers what quite a few users want in advance: all options at a glance. Nothing about that should change in the future, because Microsoft is probably only working on one uniform appearance of the extended context menu.

At the moment, Windows 11 still looks like the second level of the right-click menu is sometimes not adapted to the look of the new operating system. This is no wonder, as it comes from Windows 10. Users have it own accent colors specified, they do not appear in the extended context menu (source: Windows Latest).

Im Video: These are the requirements of Windows 11.

Windows 11: Better performance of the context menu

In addition to a uniform appearance, Microsoft would also like to take care of the Speed ​​of the right-click menu To take care of. In some cases, even powerful computers allow themselves some time to think about it before the menu in Windows 11 can actually be used.

A specific one Appointment for the improved context menu Microsoft has not yet named. It may be distributed in the near future with a minor update, or you may wait until autumn of next year. Then version 22H2 of Windows 11 will be released.

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