Tuesday, November 30

Xiaomi 12: Chinese smartphone giant is taking an unexpected path

Xiaomi is known to take a different turn and bring a smartphone or product onto the market that you didn’t really expect. That could happen again in December, namely when the Xiaomi 12 is presented.

Xiaomi 12 should also appear as a “mini” version

Xiaomi actually only builds large Android smartphones with displays over 6.5 inches. With this, the Chinese company is also enjoying huge success. With the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Ultra, at least two very special high-end smartphones await us at the end of the year, which should reach new heights in terms of technology. But according to the latest information, it should not stay that way. Suddenly it’s from a Xiaomi 12 Mini, which will also be presented (source: Weibo).

The Xiaomi 12 Mini is not quite that small. While Apple is building the iPhone 13 mini with a 5.4-inch display, the Chinese competitor is likely to put a 6.3-inch display. A Snapdragon 870, which is located in the lower upper class, is to be used as the processor. Xiaomi is already making the first compromises here. The resolution should “only” be Full HD +. But maybe that should also be the case with the Xiaomi 12.

The Xiaomi 12 Mini would be a slightly smaller Android smartphone than usual, but overall not a real high-end model. Xiaomi could attack the competition in the upper mid-range by asking for a lower price. Here you just want to position yourself a little broader.

Xiaomi is also building Android tablets again. in the Video we show you the Xiaomi Pad 5:

Xiaomi 12 and 12 Ultra with Snapdragon 898

No compromises will be made to the more expensive models. The Xiaomi 12 Ultra in particular could set new standards again and install an absolute high-end processor with the Snapdragon 898. In addition, are likely to new cameras ensure that Xiaomi is one step ahead of the competition again. The presentation of the new Xiaomi 12 series should take place at the end of December. We will then find out all the details at the latest.


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