After PS5 and Xbox: Material shortages are already claiming the next victim

Manufacturers have been struggling with a global shortage of materials for months. Fans are still on the lookout for the flagships PS5 and Xbox Series X and the graphics card market is also a catastrophe. Now the Steam Deck from Valve joins the problem group.

After PS5 and Xbox: There are also problems with the Steam Deck

Gamers are not having an easy time right now – since the release, buying the next-gen has not been a piece of cake and buying a graphics card from Nvidia and AMD is like a luxury edition. One of the reasons for this is the scarce material availability of the components – including the important semiconductors.

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Apparently, this shortage has now demanded another sacrifice, as Valve has to announce. That Steam Deck After the reservations in July, it should actually be in the hands of the waiting buyers by Christmas at the latest, but nothing will come of that now.

The delivery date has been postponed and is expected to be in February 2022 occur. In the updated FAQs from Valve, they write the following about the Reasons for postponement (Those: Steam Store).

“Despite our best efforts to circumvent the global supply chain issues (by devoting extra time to such risks and working with various component manufacturers), our manufacturing plans have been thwarted. Material shortages and delays meant that some components did not reach our production facilities on time. “

“Missing components and logistical challenges lead to a delay in the market launch of the Steam Deck. For this reason we had to postpone shipping by two months to February. We are working flat out to adapt the reservation data based on the new schedule and will keep you up to date. “

In our GIGA headlines you can find out all the details and specifications about the Steam Deck:

You have already made a reservation. What now?

Valve further assures that the space in the Queue for pre-order is retained and the purchase notification takes place in the same order as before the postponement. Just according to the new schedule from February.

If you have reserved a Steam Deck, you can register on Steam and your updated time window Experienced.

The shortage of materials in the technology area claims its next victim. Valve’s Steam Deck is not expected to ship until February 2022, instead of December 2020 as planned.