In the DLC “Vaas: Wahnsinn” from Far Cry 6 you can find 10 hidden chibis that unlock a new cockpit decoration and an achievement for you. At this point we show you the locations of all chibi figures on the map and in the video.

Far Cry 6

Find all 10 chibis in Vaas Wahnsinn (map and video)

In addition to the diary pages and the visions, the Vaas chibi figures are among the collectibles in Far Cry 6: Vaas Madness. They are listed in the menu under the item “Collection” with a fixed number so that you can check which ones you are still missing.

The chibis represent small figures with large heads that represent the image of Vaas. When you are near a character, you can hear a squeaky voice. This will help you track down. Shoot the heads of the chibis from a distance or collect them at close range to unlock them. They cannot be missed and you don’t have to collect them again if you die or return to the main menu. After collecting, they are saved directly.

Among other things, you have to find all 10 chibis in order to go with „Veni Vidi Vaas“ to unlock one of the trophies and achievements of Far Cry 6. You also switch one Cockpit decoration by Vaas for the main game free when you have collected them all.

In the following video we show you the locations of all 10 Chibis in Vaas Wahnsinn:

Alternatively we have you on the following map all locations of the chibi figures marked:

Map with the localities of all 10 Chibis in Vaas: Wahnsinn (Far Cry 6).
Map with the localities of all 10 Chibis in Vaas: Wahnsinn (Far Cry 6).
  1. Chibi # 01 (from 0:00 in the video) – On the grille under the roof in the southwest building on the site.
  2. Chibi #02 (ab 0:42 im Video) – On the head of one of the flying boats to the northwest.
  3. Chibi # 03 (from 1:14 in the video) – On the observation tower southwest of the site.
  4. Chibi # 04 (from 1:48 in the video) – In one of the buckets in the sand on the north coast.
  5. Chibi # 05 (from 2:20 in the video) – Inside the trunk of the big tree to the south.
  6. Chibi # 06 (from 2:52 in the video) – On the plank at the top of the great stone arch to the northwest.
  7. Chibi # 07 (from 3:19 in the video) – On the praying hands of the Citra statue to the southeast of the site.
  8. Chibi # 08 (from 3:44 in the video) – On the collapsed stone wall in the northeast cul-de-sac.
  9. Chibi # 09 (from 4:17 in the video) – In the hands of the overhead corpse in the southeast.
  10. Chibi # 10 (from 4:42 in the video) – On the top of a rock in the bay to the southeast.

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