Forza Horizon 5: Update is coming this week, fans have clear wishes

Forza Horizon 5 is without question a huge hit: If you take a look at the fame stop, you can see that almost 9 million players are already doing their rounds in the open world of Mexico:

So you unlock the hall of fame


Forza Horizon 5

So you unlock the hall of fame

But none of this works without problems: Although the game runs without major problems for many fans, others have been struggling with technical difficulties since the release a week ago.

The patch has to fix these things

Although the technical condition of Forza Horizon 5 is significantly better than the current release debacles Battlefield 2042 and the GTA Trilogy, the following errors and problems are still criticized on Reddit and in the Steam User Reviews:

Server problems: Regardless of whether Forza runs smoothly for you or not, unfortunately nobody is protected from the current connection problems. The network connection is constantly lost, which causes various difficulties. Not only do all other players disappear from the game world every time, your convoys, i.e. groups with friends, are also disbanded.

And if you want to start a race at this very moment or for any other reason you want to press the X button on the gamepad, you have to wait until the notification disappears – otherwise you just call up the network diagnostics screen.

Crashes: Not only on PC, but also on Xbox, some players experience regular crashes, especially when exploring the game world in free ride mode and in the tuning and upgrade menu. As Microsoft has already confirmed, these crashes are due to extremely high memory usage.

Particularly annoying: Many players also report that there are repeated crashes in the introduction, in which the various vehicle types and environments are presented to you. So if you suffer from this problem, you cannot even start with the right game.

Graphic glitches are not game-breaking, but they are still ugly.
Graphic glitches are not game-breaking, but they are still ugly.

Grafik-Glitches: Owners of AMD graphics cards in particular struggle with a multitude of unsightly graphics errors. Among other things, they are currently having to put up with penetrating, flickering water surfaces, blurry textures and a lack of transparency in certain parts of their car. On the other hand, all PC players can be affected by slowly reloading textures for the environment and vegetation.

Steering wheels: Even if the majority of you will certainly control your racing cars with the gamepad, there are of course the racing game enthusiasts who rush into the races armed with steering wheels and pedals. However, many of these racing professionals complain of various problems: a lack of force feedback, difficulties navigating the menus and even crashes when using an input device from the manufacturer Fanatec.

Hotfix should be released this week

Last week the developers announced a hotfix, which is supposed to iron out the grossest quirks, but this has been shifting again and again since then. The update was originally planned to be released on Friday, November 12th, 2021. However, due to an unexpected error, this deadline could not be kept.

On the night of November 16, 2021, Forza Support announced that work on the patch would continue, but that the hotfix should be released this week:

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It is difficult to say whether one can still speak of a hotfix or the term lukewarm fix might not be more appropriate. The main thing, in any case, is that it hopefully fixes the worst of the problems. As soon as the hotly awaited update is available, we will of course let you know immediately.