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Gravity ‘Ragnarok Online’, ‘RAG ★ FES Festival’ Notice | Ruri Web

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– From November 17th to December 1st, a festival with a variety of things to enjoy

– Provide abundant benefits through stamp relay, treasure hunt, mini-games, quiz competitions, etc.

Global game company Gravity announced on the 15th that the ‘RAG FES Festival’ of the representative PC online MMORPG ‘Ragnarok Online’ will be held from November 17th.

This festival will be held from the maintenance on November 17th when G-Star 2021 is held until the maintenance on December 1st. Talk to the Continental Guard in each city to move to the dimensional niche entrance where the Ragfest Festival is taking place, and you can obtain a Festival Commemorative Headband as a gift from the Ragfest Supporter at the entrance to the exhibition hall. Also, when clearing the daily quests, you will receive a Ragfest Commemorative Box once.

In addition, a total of 6 types of events are prepared at the festival venue. From ‘Stamp Relay!’, where you receive a stamp card at the stamp headquarters, visit 10 booths and receive a gift when you fill in all stamps, ‘Treasure Hunt at the Festival Event!’, ‘3 Mini Games’, ‘RO Quiz Contest!’ We hold events that you can enjoy.

Ragnarok Online Team Leader Lee Hyun-il said, “In time for G-Star 2021, we have prepared content and events for you to enjoy the festival in Ragnarok Online. We hope that you will enjoy treasure hunting, quizzes, and mini-games during the festival and receive abundant rewards.”

For more information about the Ragnarok Online Festival, please visit the Ragnarok official website ( can be checked.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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