Riot’s surprise release of ‘The Fallen King’

From the surprise release of ‘The Fallen King’ to the adventure ‘Song of Nunu’ that explores Willump and the Freljord in search of their mother. Riot Games properly expands the story of League of Legends (LoL), which began in Summoner’s Rift, with numerous games.

Publisher Riot Forge, who draws the expansion of the League of Legends universe, held a Riot Forge Showcase on the 17th and introduced information about the new game and detailed information about the game.

The game released on this day includes a total of 4 games, from the adventure ‘Song of Nunu’ to the rhythm action ‘Magic Engineering Mayhem’, the action platformer ‘Time/Cross’, and ‘The Fallen King’, which was introduced as CONV/RGENCE. am. Each game is based on a region that appears in LoL and a champion that fits the theme of that region, and different developers expand the story of LoL in their own style. All of the works introduced that day were subtitled ‘League of Legends Story’.

■ Nunu’s Song: A League of Legends Story – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch / Coming in 2022

‘Song of Nunu’, centered on the Freljord, is an adventure game about the story of Nunu and Willump the Yeti, one of the 17 champions released at the time of the LoL release, as the title suggests.

Players will explore the Freljord with Nunu, who is on a journey to find his mother. Once on top of Willump, players are free to traverse the harsh terrain of the Freljord without worrying about how harsh the environment is, whether it’s climbing an icy cliff or sprinting over an icy bridge.

However, Willump is not just a vehicle that helps players move through the game. In the harsh and harsh wilderness of the Freljord, Willump becomes a father and protector to protect Nunu.

But Willump doesn’t just show his authority. Willump also shows naivety, such as dancing to Nunu’s magic flute and throwing snowballs at Nunu if he doesn’t like the sound of the flute. The development team said that they paid a lot of attention to the relationship between Nunu and Willump, and you can see them laughing, crying, and caring for each other.

On the other hand, Nunu’s magic flute blends with the magic-filled environment of the Freljord to show a variety of play. In fact, in the video that day, a magic flute was used to open a blocked path in various scenes, such as making an icy path between canyons or opening a huge rock gate.

Meanwhile, in ‘Song of Nunu’, in addition to Nunu and Willump, another Freljord champion, Lissandra, will appear.

‘Song of Nunu’ is being developed by Tequila Works, which showed a beautiful puzzle adventure through ‘Lime’, and will be released within 2022.

■ Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story – PC, Nintendo Switch, Netflix Games / Released on November 17, 2021

Piltover boasts outstanding scientific power. The story of the League of Legends that deals with this place is ‘Magic Engineering Mayhem’, which was released on the 10th.

As previously announced, ‘Magic Engineering Mayhem’, released along with the Riot Forge showcase, is a work of Choice Provisions, famous for ‘Beat Trip’. When asked what champions he was interested in in Riot Forge, Alex News, co-founder of Choice Provisions and co-director of Hextech Mayhem, immediately thought of the mayhem geek champ Ziggs.

The development team, who thought of Ziggs, who had no interest in anything else and was only interested in popping anything, wanted to draw a story that did not harmonize with Heimerdinger, who, on the other hand, would only say, ‘You can’t do that.’ Unlike Ziggs, where players manipulate the area as much as possible in the game, Heimerdinger blocks Ziggs every now and then, saying that bombs should not be detonated.

The game is a rhythmic action in which you move forward by following the controls displayed on the map to the music. If the correct input is made, Ziggs will detonate a bomb, which will score points after the game is over. This type of gameplay is made by mixing games such as ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ with the auto-runner game they’ve made in the past.

However, Alex News introduced that ‘Hextech Mayhem’ is more like a music game than a simple rhythm game. This is because many elements appearing in the game, rhythm, melody, bridge, and verse are all directly related to music. The co-director of Like Rush added that so-called ‘music drives gameplay’.

In fact, there is not only upbeat music, but also invisible beats in the game. Players need to follow the music and play to create even greater havoc and earn high scores to earn the title of Challenger.

‘Hextech Mayhem’ started selling on PC and Nintendo Switch with the end of the Riot Forge showcase.

■ Time/Crossing: A League of Legends Story – PC, Console / Coming in 2022

Convergence (CONV/RGENCE), which was unveiled through the 2019 Game Awards, revealed new information with the localization title of ‘Time/Intersect’.
‘Time/Crossing’ deals with the story of Echo, set in Zaun below Piltover. As the title suggests, it is an action platformer game that utilizes the ability to turn back time that he developed.

The game’s creative director, Eric Angelillo, explained that several games have been released that can handle time, but ‘Time/Cross’ is characterized by the ability to control any moment the player wants.

Meanwhile, ‘Time/Cross’ presents dynamic action through cartoon design and fast movement like ‘Speed ​​Brawl’, the previous work of developer Double Stallion Games. However, as the genre of the game changes as an action platformer, the play that jumps over the footsteps and moves around the area is as important as the battle. And if you can’t get over the footsteps properly or fail in battle, you can turn back time.

‘Time/Cross’ will be released on PC and console in 2022, and detailed platforms have not yet been revealed except for the Nintendo Switch.

■ The Fallen King: A League of Legends Story – PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch / Released on November 17, 2021

Set in Bilgewater as the background, ‘The Fallen King’ tells the story of the most champions among Riot Forge showcase games, including Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Pike, Braum, Yasuo, Ari, and Viego. ‘The Fallen King’, which has released information several times in the past, announced a surprise release on the 17th along with various information.

Airship Syndicate, well-known as the developer of ‘Battle Chaser: Night War’,’s new game ‘The Fallen King’ is a dungeon crawler RPG with turn-based battles. The development team, who decided to deal with the story of Bilgewater, draws the story of heroes who gather to fend off the threat of the revival of the fallen king.

The story revolves around Bilgewater’s champions, Miss Fortune and Illaoi. Sometimes friends and foes, they joined hands in the face of an approaching threat. It is joined by Ari and Yasuo, possessed by the ghosts of the past, Braum, who is always positive, and Pike, who is introduced as a maniac.

Just as the development team introduced a dungeon crawler and a turn-based RPG together, ‘The Fallen King’ emphasized the strategic elements of battle and real-time exploration together.

Airship Syndicate didn’t want a battle in which they usually just attack and play strategically only in boss battles. They implemented various combat mechanisms for normal monsters and also expanded the range of skill utilization through the lane system.

Similar to LoL’s lane, the system uses a different attack method depending on the three battle routes that exist in the game.

On the middle combat path (Balance Lane), the champion has average speed and damage. On the other hand, in the rapid path (Speed ​​Lane), the power of the skill is lowered, but it is able to attack before other characters. Also, in a powerful furnace (power lane), the speed of skill use is slowed, but damage and healing are higher. Although recovery is needed right away, players can play strategically through the lane, such as using a recovery skill that is later than the enemy’s attack timing quickly on a rapid route and inflicting greater damage to the boss on a strong route.

The game’s lead designer, Billy Garrechen, introduced that ‘The Fallen King’ is an upgraded game from ‘Battle Chaser’, with an airship syndicated feel and cool visual elements.

On the other hand, the game has more than 100,000 lines of text and dubbed accordingly, and various elements unique to ‘The Fallen King’ are expected to be included in addition to the technology in which the character characteristics in LoL are alive.

‘The Fallen King’ is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.