The current versions of Amazon’s echo loudspeakers can now detect people in the room using ultrasound and react to them. A software update that has just been distributed enables the light to switch on automatically, among other things.


Amazon Echo: Alexa speaker reacts by ultrasound

Amazon had already announced it in September 2021, now the words are followed by deeds. In the US, owners of a fourth generation Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are receiving an update for the speaker’s software. So that the echoes are equipped with an ultrasonic function, the one emits sound inaudible to humans. A permanent scan enables people to be identified indoors (source: The Verge).

According to Amazon, ultrasound detection has some advantages. If a person enters a room with an Alexa speaker in the dark, they can automatically provide light. In addition, you can also set whether the Echo or Echo Dot provides music as soon as a room is entered. If the person disappears from the room, the music stops again. The settings for this can be found in the Alexa app.

First, Amazon distributes the update exclusively in the USA. The group has not explained whether and when person recognition by ultrasound will also be made possible in this country. It is already clear, however, that no additional hardware is required for detection.

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Amazon: Ultrasound with more functions than Google

Google also already offers automatic recognition for some of its Nest products. With the Nest Mini Speakers and the Nest Smart Displays, however, this is only used to control the respective To show control elements. No further functions are (yet) available here.