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Shooter hit breaks record on Steam before the official release

Microsoft chases from success to success: After Forza Horizon 5 cracked the Xbox player record on Steam, the next hit is now taking the crown: Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer set a new record just one day after its launch – and that in beta version.

For Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft had a surprise in store for fans: The Halo: Infinite Multiplayer Beta is online and free for all interested players on PC and Xbox consoles. Shortly after the announcement, the shooter was even able to set a new player milestone for Xbox Game Studios on Steam. The old record that Forza Horizon 5 set a few weeks ago has been pulverized.

Halo: Infinite with multiplayer record

Industry insider Daniel Ahmad explained in a tweet what a rush of gamers there was in the first few hours for the Halo: Infinite multiplayer beta. After two and a half hours, over 162,000 players were already on the servers at the same time. Forza Horizon 5 previously set the Steam record with 81,000 players for an Xbox game. The record in the field of PCCU (Peak Concurrent User), the maximum number of simultaneous Steam users, Halo: Infinite screwed up to 272,586 players today. (Those: Steam)

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With these impressive numbers of players, Halo: Infinite went to the most successful Steam game in the history of Xbox Game Studios swung up. The total number of players included on all platforms with Game Pass for Xbox and PC is currently unknown. A decisive factor for the flood of players is of course that the Halo: Infinite multiplayer is free to play.

Xbox Shooter: New record on Steam raises hopes for a strong release

With the surprise launch of the multiplayer beta, Halo: Infinite got off to a remarkable start. After the Sci-Fi shooter was originally supposed to be released for the release of the Xbox Series X | S and had to be postponed for a year due to development difficulties, the return from the Master Chief now seems to have a happy ending after all. The game is scheduled to receive its official release on December 8th. The progress that you make in the multiplayer beta by then will of course be carried over.

Check out the Halo: Infinite trailer from Gamescom 2021 here:

Xbox surprised many fans with the multiplayer launch of Halo: Infinite – and the number of players immediately skyrocketed. The sci-fi shooter easily overtook Forza Horizon 5’s previous player record on Steam and set a new mark of success for Xbox Game Studios.


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