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Steam: New sale is online – these are the game deals for Midweek Madness

A new sale has gone online on Steam: Valve has the Midweek Madness section expanded to include new deals. This time, the focus of the offers is a campaign for the Czech & Slovak Games Week, which will take place from November 15 to 22. The sale includes PC games such as Arma 3 (6.99 euros), Take on Mars (4.99 euros) and Loot Hunter (2.27 euros). In addition come Deals on the Mafia Trilogy. Mafia Definitive is available for 19.99 euros, Mafia 2 Definitive Edition and Mafia 3 Definitive Edition for 9.89 euros each. You can get the entire trilogy for 29.99 euros. The overview with all You can find offers for the Czech & Slovak Games Week on Steam with this link.

If you like it more action-heavy, take a look Outriders Over: The genre hybrid is available in the current Steam Sale for 19.79 euros – a 67 percent discount. There are also individual daily offers, including Train Valley 2 (5.62 euros), Neighbors back from hell (7.49 euros), Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition (13.59 euros), Red Dead Redemption 2 (40.19 euros) , Civilization 6 (8.99 euros) and Gas Station Simulator (15.11 euros).

The offers are rounded off by Beyond Two Souls (9.95 euros), Euro Truck Simulator 2 (4.99 euros) and Ride 4 (19.99 euros). The football manager Football, Tactics & Glory is for 6.24 euros available – a 75 percent discount. As usual, you can find the deals on the Steam website or alternatively in the PC client. Also take a look at the before you buy price comparison. By the way, the start of the big autumn campaign 2021 with thousands of deals is expected for the coming week.

Steam Sale: New midweek deals

  • Czech & Slovak Games Week-Aktion – Arma 3 (6.99 euros), Take on Mars (4.99 euros), Loot Hunter (2.27 euros), Mafia Definitive (19.99) euros, Mafia 2 Definitive Edition and Mafia 3 Definitive Edition 9 each, 89 euros
  • Outriders – 19,79 Euro
  • Daily offers: Train Valley 2 (5,62 Euro), Neighbours back from hell (7,49 Euro), Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition (13,59 Euro), Red Dead Redemption 2 (40,19 Euro), Civilization 6 (8,99 Euro), Gas Station Simulator (15,11 Euro), Beyond Two Souls (9,95 Euro), Euro Truck Simulator 2 (4,99 Euro), Ride 4 (19,99 Euro), Football, Tactics & Glory (6,24 Euro)

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