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“TB” & “TBT”: What does the abbreviation mean on Instagram and Co.?

Anyone who browses the Internet will sooner or later come across various abbreviations and strings of letters, the meaning of which is not immediately apparent. One of these abbreviations is “tb”, often read as “tbt”. “Tb” and “tbt” are often used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

You can find the letters above all under pictures or as an introduction or conclusion to an article. Mostly “tbt” and “tb” are used as hashtags. But what is the meaning of the abbreviations?

TB and TBT: Definition of the abbreviation on Instagram, Twitter and Co.

Like most abbreviations in net language, “tb” and “tbt” also come from English. “Tb” stands for “Throwback “. Translated into German, this means “retrospect”.

The hashtag is used when you want to refer to something from the past. On Instagram, for example, these can be pictures from a special, earlier time. The hashtag is mostly used to look back sentimentally and nostalgically at highlights or important, fun or otherwise interesting events from the past. “TBT” is a modification of “TB”:

  • “TBT” is the abbreviation “Throwback Thursday“.
  • Translated, “TBT” means something like “Review Thursday”.
  • On Instagram, Facebook and Co., you regularly post older content on Thursdays that you would like to remember.
  • The hashtag #tbt is often used on Instagram to regularly post an old picture of yourself on a Thursday.
  • The picture should show a period of the past and not just be a week old.
  • #Tbt pictures are particularly popular on Instagram for special occasions, such as an old Halloween picture at Halloween time.

Messages with the hashtag #tbt are also used on Twitter, for example to tweet a panning from his youth. So you have a means at hand to advertise more of yourself on the Internet in an entertaining and established way.

On the Papa Roach Facebook page you can find a picture titled #tbt and “throwback thursday”, which shows the singer Jacoby Shaddix in his youth. (Screenshot: Facebook.com)

You should also know the following abbreviations if you use WhatsApp and Co.:

What do “tb” and “tbt” mean on Instagram, Twitter and Co.?

Often, “Throwback Thursday” content is also tagged with the hashtag #flashback or #retrospective. In addition, there is a date or at least a year in the message for better orientation for your own followers.


We will explain other abbreviations and slang terms from the Internet to you elsewhere. For example, we explain to you what a “shoutout” is on Twitter and Instagram, what “ftw” means and what the definition of “asap” is.

Image source: CLS Design via Shutterstock

How well do YOU ​​know the youth language?

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