The most popular rune is ‘Continuous Fire’, Undiscovered UBT infographic

Line Games (CEO Kim Min-gyu) is an infographic containing the results of the ‘UN-Boxing Test (UBT)’ of the new ‘UNDECEMBER’ developed by Need Games (CEO In-young Koo) on the 16th and scheduled to be serviced by the company on the 16th. (Infographics) The video was released through the game’s official YouTube channel.

‘Undecemed’ held UBT from October 13th to 19th. Although it was not an official service, about 300,000 users participated in pre-registration. In a survey of participants, 88.2% of users answered ‘I am willing to play after the game is officially serviced’, and 78.3% answered ‘I am willing to recommend ‘Undeceased’ around me. received more than one response.

The released video added fun because it contains detailed data such as the average reached level of users participating in UBT, weapons, skills, costumes, and play preferences. The average level reached by users participating in UBT was 31, and there were users who cleared the Act 5 boss in 13 hours and 30 minutes after the start of play.

At the same time, it was found that users were very interested and interested in the unique growth system of ‘Undecember’ using a combination of ‘Rune’. During the UBT period, a total of 689,110 attempts were made for Skill Rune’s ‘6 Link Enchantment’.

Overall, the user’s play experience through UBT was also confirmed to be positive, raising expectations for the official service.

‘Undecemed’ is based on the fun of ‘class-limited’ growth, splendid action play that can be enjoyed on mobile and PC multi-platforms, and various multiplayer contents such as ‘Boss Raid’, ‘Guild Battleground’ and ‘Crusade of Glory’. As such, it plans to launch an official service soon after further development.

You can check the infographic video containing the ‘Undeath’ UBT result report through the game’s official YouTube channel. Detailed information about the game is provided through the Line Games floor, and game information is sequentially released through social media channels such as Facebook and Discord and YouTube channels.