Did the Eve news come out? Shift-up booth scenery

After going online last year due to COVID-19, G-Star is back offline again this year. As Corona 19 did not go away, the conditions for entry were strengthened for quarantine measures, and there were changes such as wider space between booths than before due to thorough preparation of quarantine measures.

Another change is that Shift Up participated in G-Star 2021 for the first time since its founding. From the first participation, we wanted to set up a large booth and introduce the new ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ to users.

The mobile pretty girl shooting ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’, which is a rare work in Korea, was able to be demonstrated at this G-Star, so the attention level was high. Moreover, as Project Eve in September showed great action against a grotesque enemy and a character that realized Kim Hyung-tae’s art in high-quality 3D at the PS5 showcase, there was a lot of anticipation that new information would come out.

Unfortunately, there was no new information about Project Eve, but the Shift-Up booth was as solid as any other large game company. This is because there are elements waiting to quench the thirst of users, such as a demonstration of the new work ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’ and an autograph session by CEO Kim Hyung-sik.

I took a picture of the shift-up booth where you could meet various events and the new ‘Nike: Goddess of Victory’.

▲ Shift-up booth, which entered immediately after the opening ceremony, is still preparing for the demonstration

▲ It’s hard to put it all in one cut, so I changed the angle and did another cut, but next to it?

▲ Event signs and a waiting line with distance applied for quarantine were installed

▲ If you have come all the way here, if you wait for the next 30 minutes, you can wait longer.

▲ Project Eve, which is naturally eye-opening if you wait, unfortunately, the demonstration version did not come out this time.

▲ Nearby, you can see the characters appearing in Nike on the screen close to their actual size.

▲ Character introductions and trailers are periodically released on the main stage screen.

▲ The photo zone in front is the rule of thumb. Would you like to take a picture at the photo zone full of military feel at the end of the century?

▲ After a while, you can see the scene, which was noisy with the opening ceremony schedule, and CEO Kim Hyung-sik.

▲ And what is the feeling of Nike’s demonstration time that has finally arrived? Please look forward to the experience

▲ Before that, let’s go watch a trailer first.

▲ This is a lounge for media and shift-up officials, standing next to the demonstration stand.

▲ Nike murals and concept art immediately visible as soon as you enter

▲ You can’t miss the Project Eve concept art.

▲ In the corner opposite the media waiting room, maybe?

▲ Still, I’m excited for a new video to come out.

▲ Unfortunately, it was time to recheck the video from the PS5 showcase. Eve next time…

▲ Let’s go and enjoy the full view once again