Kakao Games Unveils Opening Video for ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ at G-Star for the First Time | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Provide video of ‘training’, ‘race’, and ‘Winning Live’ of game characters

– Surprise interview with voice actors who add three-dimensionality to the character of ‘Uma Musume’

– ‘G-Star 2021’ provides abundant attractions to both online and offline visitors

On the 17th, Kakao Games Co., Ltd. (CEO Nam Gung-Hun and Jo Gye-Hyun) will show the opening video of Cygames (CEO Watanabe Kouichi)’s most talked-about work ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ at ‘G-Star 2021’ for the first time on the 17th.

In the opening video of ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’, which will be released for the first time in Korea, ‘Training’ and ‘Race’ of game characters, and ‘Winning Live’ that maximizes the charm of the game characters are presented, attracting the attention of visitors.

In addition, Kakao Games will surprise the voice actor interview video to commemorate the participation of ‘G-Star 2021’ and ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’.

Voice actors who add three-dimensionality to each character, such as Chisa Kimura as ‘Daiwa Scarlet’ from ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’, Tomoyo Takayanagi as ‘Cap Oguri’, and Hitomi Ueda as ‘Gold Ship’, participated in the interview. The video contains descriptions of the characters played by each voice actor, and you can also check the game introduction and anticipation messages for the Korean release.

Kakao Games plans to offer a wealth of attractions to both online and offline visitors who show interest in ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’. It plans to deliver goods by holding a ‘Talk Channel’ event for visitors who visit the booth and complete the event mission, as well as online and offline visitors.

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” a new mobile anticipation, is a nurturing simulation game that fosters characters that inherit the names of real racehorses and plays them with the goal of winning the race. A free nurturing strategy method is the main characteristic.

Information on the participation of ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ in ‘G-Star 2021’ can be found on the special page of ‘G-Star 2021’.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]