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NC’s ‘Blade & Soul 2’, ‘The Lord of Time’ Update Notice | Ruri Web

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– Blossom 2’s first large-scale update ‘The Ruler of Time’ teaser site released, pre-order starting on the 24th

– Until the 23rd (Tuesday), the ‘Purple Support WEEK of Dohwasangjeon’ event will be held… Support for the challenge of crafting hero gear

NCsoft (CEO Taek-Jin Kim, hereafter referred to as NC)’s multi-platform MMORPG (Multiple Online Role Playing Game) ‘Blade & Soul 2 (hereinafter referred to as Blossom 2)’ announced the first large-scale update ‘The Ruler of Time’.

Blossom 2 released the teaser site for ‘The Ruler of Time’ on the 17th (Wednesday). Users can check the teaser image of the new area ‘Haeryong Mountains’. The Haeryong Mountains is the background of Epic Act 4 and is the area where the Black Dawn is hiding.

NC will start pre-booking for ‘The Ruler of Time’ from November 24 (Wednesday). Users can check newly appearing monsters and new content. Various events and rewards are also held for new and returning users.

Blossom 2 will hold the ‘Purple Support WEEK of Dohwasangjeon’ for a week until the 23rd (Tuesday). All users can receive a summons to acquire new souls and guardian spirits as push rewards today. During the event period, every day at 12:00 noon, hero equipment crafting support items and quests will be provided as push rewards.

More information can be found on the official BLSO2 website.

‘Blade & Soul 2’ Brand Page URL:

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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