What are you doing at G-Star? On-site preview of ‘Inven Stamp Tour’

▲ Let’s go! ‘Inven Stamp Tour’!

INVEN will also participate in this year’s G-Star. It is said that various contents have been prepared as it is ‘2021 G-Star’, a large offline exhibition that has resumed after two years. From game-related goods that have been certified for various licenses, to games and hardware experience zones, we were able to see them fully armed.

Goods related to my favorite games and interesting things to see are good, but when it comes to G-Star, you can participate in various events to practice “Heavy Hands”. You can also meet various on-site events at the Inven booth, so if you’re a gamer going to see G-Star, it’s a good idea to stop by.

Among the various events held at the Inven booth, the ‘Inven Stamp Tour Event’ stands out. You can get stamps by enjoying the experience zones and mini-games of various brands prepared in the Inven booth, and by clearing 3 required missions and 1 or more optional missions, you can get a free entry ticket.

In addition, after participating in the stamp tour event, if you upload your review of the Inven booth to your personal blog and leave an email, a ‘Secret Lab Gaming Chair’ will be presented to three people through a lottery, so please refer to it.

You need a guide for the tour around the Inven Booth, right? For this purpose, the process of clearing the stamp tour mission is included in the article. As mentioned earlier, you must earn a minimum of 4 stamps and clear 3 required missions and 1 or more optional missions. So, let’s start the tour preview. Oh well, you don’t have to worry too much about the clear order of the missions, so it would be fun to try to figure out the best route.

Go to G-Star 2021 Inventory Event Page

▲ Inven is also participating in this G-Star!

▲ Various events are being held at the Inven booth!

▲ I couldn’t even travel due to the corona virus.. Shall we go on a ‘stamp tour’?!

▲ In addition, it is said that an expensive gaming chair will be presented as a gift to reviewers.

▲ So many fun things to do!

▲ When you first receive the paper, it is very thin.. Let’s go get a stamp quickly!

Required Mission 1: Play the game in the White Night Light Brand Zone

Go to ‘White Night Polar Light Play Quest’

▲ Mission to enjoy the game in the midnight polar light brand zone in the Inven booth!

▲ Let’s enjoy the game in the experience zone in the midnight polar light brand zone!

▲ You worked hard! Stamp is in!

Required Mission 2: Clear 3 missions in the Lenovo Experience Zone

Go to ‘Lenovo Region Experience Zone 3 Missions’

▲ You must clear the three mini missions of the Lenovo Legion Brand Zone.

▲ If you clear the mini-game of Lenovo Legion Brand Zone, the resident staff will punch you

▲ Mission 1: Cold Front 3.0 Temperature Measurement!

▲ Mission 2: Experience Lenovo Legion PC or Laptop!

▲ Mission 3: Enjoy the region TGP hammer game!

task Let’s relieve stress!

▲ Clear all missions in Lenovo Legion! Please stamp it!

Required Mission 3: Try the game or pre-register in the Archeage Brand Zone

Go to ‘Archiage Brand Zone Event’

▲ Wait! Go see Moo!

▲ There is a separate experience zone where you can enjoy games in the Arche Age brand zone in the Inven booth.

▲ In the experience zone, ‘Would you like to go first?’ Let’s play mini games

▲ (Even though it fell off a cliff) Mission accomplished anyway!

▲ Oh, the pre-registration event is a special event that can only be confirmed on site!

Optional Mission 1: Take a photo at the Inven Friends photo zone

▲ A staff member at the Inven Friends photo zone will take a photo.

▲ Take a picture and get a stamp~

▲ The stamps of the missions related to Inven Friends are especially cute.

OPTIONAL MISSION 2: Authenticating Inventory Application Installations at the Sweepstakes Exchange

▲ Clear when you verify the installation of the Inventory application!

▲ Stamping is easy, right?

Optional Mission 3: Purchase items at the Market Inventory Booth (regardless of amount)

▲ You can get a stamp by purchasing a product at the Market Inven booth.

▲ Immediately after purchase, don’t forget to ask the staff for a stamp~!

▲ I filled it all up!!

Mission over! Give me a reward!!

▲ In front of the Inven Friends Zone

▲ The prize exchange is right there

▲ I can’t stand the exclamation mark floating on the quest.. I’ve cleared them all, so give me a present!!

▲ Excitement

▲ Inven prize lottery drawn with Deokgu! Come on, let’s scratch

▲ Oh wow!! Overwatch Grip Talk has been won!

▲ In addition to the Overwatch Grip Talk, I will introduce some giveaways.

▲ Glasses cleaner embroidered with Inven Friends characters

▲ Archeage Orchidna Figure

▲ A….Cute!!!! This is ‘Inven Friends Beep Bag’

▲ ‘Inven Friends Kari Keyring’ is taking a cute pose

▲ “I’m playing that game, so please don’t disturb me” Sony Do Not Disturb Hanger and Inven Friends Mask

▲ ‘Inven Stamp Tour’ without a hitch!