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I think there are many people in Korea who remember ‘Gungrave’. Those who remember the two games (Gungrave / Gungrave OD) from the PS2 days, as well as those who think about the animation, may be glad to get the original license from the domestic developer Lee Ki-mop and rework it.

In this respect, Gungrave VR was a meaningful attempt. It was also proof that the Gungrave IP was not abandoned or died. However, after that, the development of Gungrave GORE (hereafter referred to as Gungrave Gore), which can be said to be an official sequel, was not so smooth. Held at G-Star 2021
G-CON X IGC LectureAs seen in Death Valley, after going through a lot of trouble in the development process and financial difficulties called Death Valley, we have reached the present.

At the G-Star 2021 lecture site, Lee Ki-mob organized his work and announced Gungrave Gore’s Korean voiceover dubbing, and the game is still being developed beyond the hardships. It tells me that a lot has changed since before.

After the lecture at G-Star, I met Lee Ki-mob, Vice President Kim Min-soo, and what happened and the direction of development. And even the ‘Joseon Swordsmanship Action Action’ set in the Joseon Dynasty, which is currently being conceived. I could hear what your plans were.

● Long time no see. The first time I saw you was around 2018. It looks like you’ve been through a lot. It may be rude to say this, but… Your impression has changed a lot. You also lost a lot of weight.

= There was a time when I was proud of myself. I think it was a time when I could be humble about myself. The final version was not released. It was just a good halfway reaction. There was no reason to be conceited. In the end, it is not known until the development is over, and it is the users who decide whether it is fun or not. Even if the game comes out, I have to be humble. What should I say now… Where it used to be angled, now it’s rounded.

● I was surprised to hear the story of Death Valley in the lecture. Since there has been little news in the past, I thought that I was going through a difficult time.

= Because there are physical limitations due to financial difficulties, there were parts that were difficult to fill in the tasks during the development process.

● On the other hand, as the development period increased, the next-generation console was also released. In some ways, it’s a good thing, though. Considering the new features of the next-generation console, there seems to be an aspect of increasing the workload.

= I am thinking about the Series X or PS5 or newly added features. Rather than the difficulty of making it, it should be said that there are more things to be done that have not been done. Still, it’s really hard to get rid of. I tried the dual sense function and put it in. I thought it wouldn’t work without it, so I ended up adding it. When I think about the state of being there and not being there, there was a feeling of boredom.

● You worked for a large company even in Japan. I don’t think you’ve ever been through Death Valley before. Which part was the most difficult?

= I’ve only worked for big companies so far. In fact, I have never experienced such a financial crisis. The biggest problem is that people become exhausted? It was the most difficult for the people I trusted to leave. I thought that my friend would still be with me. cuz that’s not it And knowing the practical difficulties. My tension is also dropping. At that time, scout offers were coming from all over the place. I was shaking too.

But when you think about it, if you go somewhere else, you’ll just do what you’ve been doing over and over again. That’s what I thought. I have been working for a long time Then you have to leave a legacy. I thought I should do something.

The 6 people who remained until the end said something like this. ‘When we were young, our dream was not to become a member of the 4 major insurances’. So make up your mind I had an idea to do it. It seems that we have endured for 8 months with such strength.


● Personally, I was a little surprised by the publishing contract with Koch Media. It used to be a big company. You weren’t very interested in Asian games, were you?

= We didn’t know about Koch Media, but it was something we were watching with interest during TGS. However, there was no contact point, so I was introduced through someone I knew. It’s been a while since the story started in August of last year. Even though the build quality was low, I explained the vision to Koch Media. Here, Koch Media also had plans to expand. There was a realization that a portfolio was necessary. In this regard, I have heard that Sony has said that there is a company that works hard in Korea. It looks like you did well in that part.

Anyway, I went to Germany the next year to reinforce the build. Finally ok. I came back after hearing about the contract. At that time, there were now six people left. I confirmed it verbally. Developers were still insecure. I think it was difficult because there were problems in real life. This is difficult.

The good news is that our company did not become difficult because of the CEO’s mistake. You weren’t involved in game development. In the meantime, the CEO also sold the house. My family was scattered and suffered hardships. Still, you were responsible for it. It was my first time with a Korean development company, so I didn’t know how Death Valley itself would end. normally…

● Well. Usually the company goes out of business. or the project is disbanded. go bankrupt or A few are common. This tends to cause problems.

= That the boss did not give up until the end. That’s what I’m thankful for.


● After Death Valley, we have collaborated with quite famous people. I wonder how they got in touch with these people.

= I used to work for Sega. Since Sega is a large company, people you know are going to different companies here and there. There are a lot of things that I was introduced to through those people, and I talked about it through social media. You may be contacted. But usually they don’t even respond. So we talked about our plans and visions. Then one day I get a line of reply. Let’s schedule a Skype meeting. It seems that the people themselves have seen and wondered about their visions and thoughts.

● Probably because they have high salaries. Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m more concerned with vision or thoughts than money.

= Yes, it is. Ikumi Nakamura did the same. As we talked, he told me that he was impressed by watching Gungrave Gore’s video at TGS 2019. They said, ‘Are you saying that a Korean company made this?’ So when I contacted you, how did a Korean company make a sequel to Gungrave? I had this question. I asked this.

Talking about these things, should I say that they have something in common? It was the same point that I came out of working for a big company. Here’s what Nakamura-san said. I thought that ‘the time I can take on a challenge is getting shorter’. He said this I had the same thought. It doesn’t matter how much you earn per day. less time for the challenge. I got the feeling that even if the account balance increases, the passbook called challenge becomes negative. I don’t think they’re right for each other in this respect.


● I’d like to ask a few more questions about Gungrave Gore’s changes. The lecture was brief because of time. If it leads to actual play, I think a lot has changed.

= Before Death Valley. In other words, before the change, the concept of melee combat was an added system to past play. At that time, it was a type of follow-up work that had to be done quickly after signing a publishing contract, so the speed of the work was the main focus.

After Death Valley, let’s go to a game that gives refreshing action in the direction of the game rather than solving it like that. It became a direction not to raise the play hurdles. I think the action genre itself is a universal genre, anyone can do it. If it’s fun, it’s a title that you can dig deeper into. If the play hurdles hold it, I think it’s not right.

The exhilaration of action. That is, to shoot, kill and subdue. I’m holding it in that direction. A system or skill is an aspect to show this. For example, recovering health is not picking up dropped items, but it is built with a mechanic that only recovers through battle.

● I’m curious as to why you decided to dub in Korean. The cost probably won’t be too much.

= It is clear that we will sell and compete on a global basis. However, because Korea is a domestic development company. I thought I wanted to do something that domestic users would like. Also, I should have kept the promise to include Korean voices at TGS three years ago. In retrospect, it was also difficult to find games with more Korean voices recently.

● I know it is difficult to answer. Still, I wonder what the overall playtime is.

= Since it is a part that needs a conversation with the publisher, we are adjusting the release date. Still, I can tell you that it’s a lot more than the previous one. It is also because the level itself is not small. Even when conducting internal tests, quite a bit of playtime is coming out.

● Looking at what he said in the lecture, after all, games are also a branch of expression. In that regard, I think that the direction of the creators will produce results that can be said to be works of art. I also agree a lot with what you said.

= As development started in Korea… I don’t know how it is now… When meeting with investment companies, the first thing we used to ask was when is the release date? how much money will you make This is the story. In fact, it’s also a nonsensical question. You can’t guess that at the prototype stage. Productivity is determined by playing the game, even though it comes out after the prototype. Because the Korean market has to respond to that. I was also wondering how to fit it.

You have to build the core play first and decide what value it will have later. This is going the other way around, so at some point I started to become a novelist. According to the plan, how many users will come and what is the consumption amount per person. In this way.

As a developer, it seems that there were also difficulties. Sacrificing some gameplay for BM’s sake. Knowing that the resistance is large, you have to put it in. There are many people who are tired of joining here.

among members. When someone with experience comes in, they often ask what BM is. In that case, I think it’s just fun. If you have fun. They say that’s the business model. I think core play should come first, and something new should come out of it. That’s why we want to focus primarily on core play and style.


● If development progresses, do you have any plans to release a trial version?

= Of course, we are preparing. However, it is up to the publisher to decide at what point or scenario it will be. I am making what I can make. It sounds like you are preparing to go public.

● Let’s talk a little more about the new work. Korean swordsmanship action action. When I think about it, I think that this is also a difficult material and decision.

= One of the sad things about working in Korea is that the planners are closed in erotic terms. The company I worked for before was covered by planners. I think there is a difference between doing YouTube or Googling and going and touching it. So, the planners of the next project tried to cover.

In Korea, there are wonderful landscapes and buildings that we do not know about. There are sights. We are trying to show that in the game. The setting is the Joseon Dynasty. You can have fun playing the game in a wonderful Korean background. I’m thinking of it in that form. At least the historical background has been fixed. We are also preparing testimonials and advice in this regard. In fact, planners read a lot of books while working on this project.

● You have given me the Word, but I don’t think it’s an easy road. It’s a road I’ve never been on.

= It’s a style that hasn’t been seen well before, so I think I need to study a lot. Even if we want to get a reference, we have nothing. In the end, we have to do well. Now, I think it’s a form of starting from a tunnel.

● It seems that there has been a perception that domestic console games are inferior to overseas ones. But looking back, there have been many attempts. Should it be called the development of the engine or the accumulation of experience? I think these things have narrowed the gap a lot in the past. Watching Black Mythology Wukong, I also thought that it would be difficult to judge the current market based on the past.

= People like Kim Hyung-sik are great people in my opinion. On a global scale, there is no art director who can apply his own mise-en-scène and art. The result isn’t bad either. In fact, I don’t think these people’s methods are good because they have followed North America and Japan.

Well, it was said that it was 10 years later than Japanese console games. From my experience with both, I don’t think so. This was done with passion, so the result was good results. planning of development. The idea is that the country doesn’t matter when it comes to making core play.

● In the end, can I understand it like the saying that the thoughts and direction of the creator are important?

= I don’t think we make AAA games because we have a lot of money and people. All members are of the same size. I am not a passionate person. The important thing is for what purpose people make it. I wonder how many people share a similar direction. It costs too much to make an AAA title, and if the game goes down, the company is at risk.

Of course, I think it’s meaningful enough for an AAA title as well. However, we will dare to make AAA. Do I need to approach it this way? is a question about. rather naturally. make it and. It is a part that can change in the process of adding what you want to do. I don’t think AAA is born through a declaration.

Of course, I think those who challenge themselves are cool. Because we can’t. It looks great because it’s challenging what we can’t do.

● Gungrave Gore. And including the sequel. If you could give a word to those who are looking forward to Lee Ki Mob’s game. What can you say?

= There was a part where the release was postponed due to difficulties. It’s a textbook story, but I think what’s important is that the game is fun when it comes out. We are working on this part. Until now, there was no opportunity for skinship with domestic users. After this Gungrave Gore. We would like to develop our relationship by telling various stories such as the original next work. We will do our best to deliver good news in the future.



By Jeong Pil-kwon, staff reporter [email protected]