2nd Anniversary ‘V4 Odyssey: Age of War Season Zero’ Update

Data provided – Nexon

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) added ‘V4 Odyssey: Age of War Season Zero’ on the 18th as an update to the 2nd anniversary of the release of the mobile MMORPG ‘V4 (Victory For)’ developed by its subsidiary Netgames (CEO Park Yong-hyun).

With this update, the season pass is introduced for the first time in ‘V4’, providing special rewards for growth every time you complete various missions. In addition, the season equipment ‘compass’ and ‘artifact’ that can be grown with the season pass will be introduced.

As a new class, ‘Arcane’ with a splendid fighting style appears. It utilizes the main weapon ‘Arcana’ and the secondary weapon ‘Ark’, and when using the skill, random additional effects occur, allowing a different play for each battle.

In addition, a new server ‘Rosellin’ will be opened and exclusive events ‘Rosellin’s special 14-day gift’ and ‘Rosellin’s special guild support mission’ will be held. In addition, to help rapid growth, all servers support level 100 jumping characters when creating new characters. Jumped characters can rapidly grow up to 2 million combat power.

Meanwhile, Nexon is holding various events to commemorate the 2nd anniversary update of ‘V4’. First, if you kill a named monster by December 1st, you will receive a ‘Peng Lexandro II Special Ticket’, which can be exchanged for legendary grade ‘Elton Earrings’ and hero mate ‘Nuyamo’ in the event shop. In addition, if you connect to ‘V4’ by December 8th, you will receive an ‘Arcane’s Soulstone Transcendence Box’ containing myth grade soulstone growth materials.

In addition, based on the 2nd anniversary data, limited edition vehicle appearances are provided to top users for each item, such as obtaining honor, clearing party raids, and using guild contents. pay immediately ‘Auden’s Growth Spellbook’ and ‘Elixir of Greater Life of Isaac’ will be provided when you log in at noon every day until November 24.

Meanwhile, more information about the 2nd anniversary update of ‘V4’ can be found on the official website.