A graphic card that shoots FHD games! GIGABYTE RX 6600 EAGLE 8GB

Today’s product is the Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE D6 8GB (Gigabyte RX 6600 EAGLE). The RX 6600 is a graphics card specialized for FHD resolution (1080p) high-resolution games announced by AMD on the 14th of last month, and it can be said that it is a product suitable for the mid-range market.

The Gigabyte RX 6600 EAGLE is equipped with 1792 stream processors with 28 compute units (CUs), a 128-bit memory interface, a 2044 MHz base clock and a 2491 MHz boost clock. Graphics memory is GDDR6 (DDR6) standard and has a maximum capacity of 8GB.

Three windforce cooling fans with a diameter of 80mm are applied, and if you look closely at the fan blades, you can see that a certain pattern is included. This increases the airflow by about 23% compared to a typical fan, so you can expect more powerful cooling performance.

In addition, the Alternate rotation method that operates in the interlocking direction and the cross-type heat pipe in contact with the GPU quickly cools the heat generated by the core. The 3D active fan function that automatically rotates according to the temperature shows quietness when GPU usage is low.

On the right side of the metal backplate, screen cooling is applied to improve airflow through the graphics card. The longer the heat sink, the more attention was paid to heat management. Power rating of 600W is recommended for this product, and it supports 2 DP 1.4a and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports.

Finally, if you’re running an AMD processor, there are some welcome features. This model is equipped with AMD Smart Access Memory technology and AMD Infinity Cache function, which shows synergy effect on some Ryzen 5000 and 3000 series CPUs, and is expected to be an excellent choice for users using AMD processors.

■ Product specification and appearance

  • Product Specifications
  • product name : GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE D6 8GB
  • Main stream number: 1792
  • Core Clock: 2491 MHz with boost
  • Memory capacity and speed: 8GB GDDR6 / 15Gbps
  • Memory bus: 128-bit
  • Output device: DP port v1.4 x 2 / HDMI 2.1 x 2
  • Maximum supported resolutions: 7680 x 4320 @60hz
  • Recommended power output: 500W
  • Product size: 41(H) * 282(L) * 113(W)cm
  • ▲ Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE D6 8GB Box

    ▲ Let’s look back

    ▲ Features that emphasize the back plate, direct cooling, screen cooling, etc.

    ▲ Anti-static plastic packaging

    ▲ VGA, product quick guide

    ▲ Ha.. I love 3 fans


    ▲ Gigabyte pattern is applied to smooth the airflow

    ▲ Goldfinger

    ▲ 3 fans with a diameter of 80mm are applied

    ▲ 8-pin power port

    ▲ Long time no see, Radeon

    ▲ The back plate is spacious due to the 3-fan configuration.

    ▲ Improved airflow through the graphics card with screen cooling

    ▲ DP port (v1.4) *2, HDMI port (2.1) *2 can be checked

    ■ test

    ◈ Test PC Specifications
    CPU AMD Ryzen 5-4 Gen 5600X (Vermeer)
    cooler JONSBO CR-1000 AUTO RGB
    motherboard MSI MAG B550M Mortar
    VGA GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE D6 8GB
    RAM Samsung Electronics DDR4 8GB PC4-19200 * 2
    storage Apacer Pancer (120GB) (OS)
    WD BLUE SN550 M.2 NVMe (500GB)
    case NZXT S340 Razer Edition

    The program used in the Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE D6 8GB performance test used ‘3DMark’, which is commonly used for benchmarking, and ran DX11-based FireStrike Normal.

    The game play test measured frames through the FPS genre Overwatch and the FPS battle royale genre Apex Legends. The in-game option is the highest spec or the highest ultra option. The resolution was set to FHD (1920*1080).

    The program used to check the frame and graphics card temperature is ‘MSI Afterburner’. Lastly, refer to the table below for detailed test PC specifications.


    ▲ Fire Strike graphic score 23,570 points

    In FireStrike based on DirectX 11, the graphic score was measured at 23,570 points each. Compared to the previous generation RX 5600XT, which scored between 18,000 and 19,000 points, this product is about 20-30% higher in performance.

    This is about 10% higher than the RTX 3060, which is a lineup similar to that of other companies, based on FHD, and is similar to or slightly higher than the RTX 2070, the previous-generation mid-range graphics card of other companies. If so, what kind of performance will it show in the game?


    ▲ FHD, best graphic quality, 100% rendering scale

    ▲ There is no rush. Go straight to a 6v6 melee – 155 frames

    ▲ 6 person Adonpagadon – 170 frames

    ▲ Node Battle – 192 frames

    ▲ Transcendence with particularly noticeable refraction effect – 156 frames

    ▲ When the fight is over and there are only team members? – 207 frames

    ▲ The first person frame is definitely better than the third person – 206 frames

    ▲ Frames tend to drop when a fight is made – 188 frames

    ▲ It shows a clearly high frame rate when walking alone – 258 frames

    Apex Legends

    ▲ The last three maps, especially those with difficult frame management – 159 frames

    ▲ Item Farming – 164 frames

    ▲ Because it is the best option, there is a frame drop when looking from a distance – 130 frames

    ▲ The lava field has a particularly low frame rate – 134 frames

    ▲ Even with 99% availability, the temperature is good at 59 degrees!

    ▲ Does not go below 144 frames in close combat – 145 frames

    ▲ Ah haha ​​Anyway, it’s the team’s fault.

    ▲ turn it off

    The games I’ve played on the Gigabyte RX 6600 EAGLE are Blizzard’s Overwatch and Respawn’s Apex Legends. The reason why I chose the two game genres even though they overlap is that FPS games are generally played in FHD and high framerate is the key.

    Both games use the best option (Overwatch – 100% render scale) and take into account melee and frame drops in certain areas or situations. Overwatch continued a 6v6 fight on the occupation-type Busan map, and Apex Legends showed the minimum frame rate by intentionally looking at the lava fields or distant places on the End of the World map.

    After the test, we looked at the results, and the results were quite satisfactory. Overwatch’s minimum frame rate was recorded at 153 average frames and 181 frames per second. Even if the melee continued, it never dropped below 144 frames, so there is enough merit in FHD resolution. In the case of Apex Legends, only certain situations will drop below 144 frames, so it seems like an appropriate option compromise will be necessary.

    The fever was truly outstanding. Looking at the screenshots of the game above, the graphics card utilization rate was almost 98% or more, and the full load state was maintained, but the temperature did not exceed 60 degrees. I think it would be a good choice if you are concerned about heat.

    ■ test

    So far, we have looked at the Gigabyte RX 6600 EAGLE 8GB graphics card. This product is a graphics card specialized for FHD resolution (1080p) high-resolution games announced by AMD on the 14th of last month, and it can be said that it is a representative product aimed at the mid-range graphics card market.

    It is equipped with 1792 stream processors with 28 compute units (CUs), a 128-bit memory interface, a 2044 MHz base clock and a 2491 MHz boost clock, optimized for FHD gameplay.

    In the heating part, it showed particularly high cooling performance. Triple 80mm wind force cooling fan, cooling fan blade with gigabyte pattern added, alternate rotation method, cross-type heat pipe, 3D active fan function, etc. As a result of combining various cooling technologies, the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees even under full load. didn’t

    As the shortage of graphics cards continues, the price of mainstream graphics cards is reaching the level of 1 million won, I think the better choice is the Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 EAGLE D6 8GB.