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Action PvP of cute fairy tale characters, ‘Wanderers’

‘Wanderers’, introduced for the first time by Angel Games at this G-Star, is an action game set in a fantasy world that reinterprets a fairy tale story into a modern one. The actual demo version was released at the G-Star site, and it is also a cross-platform game that can be played on both PC and mobile.

The impressive thing about ‘Wanderers’ that I was able to meet at the booth is the difference between the PC version and the mobile version. The experience of playing on both platforms was very different, and depending on which one you like, you can play however you like. First of all, the UI is different for each of the two platforms.

The PC did not have a virtual pad screen and the operation method was different, so the screen composition was neat, and unlike the PC version, the mobile also had the advantage of ‘auto targeting’. There is no ‘auto-battle’ on both platforms, and players have to manually control it, so it was felt that there was a difference in the configuration of these UIs.

The live demo version of Wanderers allowed us to try out three modes. First of all, the ‘adventure’ mode, which is directly related to the character’s growth, is a light rogue-like mode. It is a structure in which the selected character, pet, and weapon are selected and proceeded for the first time.

As the dungeon progresses, elements that the player chooses appear, and it consists of a map change in the form of a 2D platformer, a puzzle that is not difficult (according to the demonstration version), and the final final boss. In the middle of these contents, battles were prepared at the right time, and the action, platformer, puzzle, and boss battles were prepared quite well.

In addition, before the boss battle, the shop was prepared and progressed, and the final preparation could be completed through the gold earned, and through this, you will face the boss. The boss bandersnatch uses different attacks depending on the phase change, and if the first phase was a form of simply recognizing the boss, from then on, it shows deeper patterns and annoys the player. If you clear the boss, you can get good rewards, but even if you fail, you can see that the rewards are accumulating.

▲ Rogue-like mode contains various game modes.

The second mode is a 4vs4 PvP mode. In this mode, players divide into teams and compete against each other, and this 4vs4 PvP mode is expected to be the main content of ‘Wanderers’ and the content that players will enjoy the most. ‘Gold Crash’, a 4vs4 mode, is a kind of scramble and battle royale content.

Players must acquire the gold distributed on the map and ultimately maintain a certain amount of gold for more than 10 seconds, and the team with the player who maintains the target gold for more than 10 seconds wins. Gold is continuously regenerated throughout the map, and in the center is a treasure chest where you can obtain high gold.

In addition, if you catch the opponent’s player, you can get additional gold, and 30% of the opponent’s gold falls to the floor to gain it, increasing your own gold. And the player with the most gold is displayed as a ‘crown’ and gains the effect of increasing attack power but decreasing movement speed. It is a position that the team must defend and fight against.

The goal is to fight each other for the gold that is divided on the map like this. As the size of the map is continuously reduced, the radius of activity is limited, the competition is gradually intensified, and stealth play is possible through the bush. The match time is currently set to 10 minutes, and if no players have achieved the goal in 10 minutes, the team with the highest amount of gold wins. Even if the character dies, it respawns after 10 seconds and induces continuous battle with a structure that can participate in the capture again, so both team play and individual ability seemed important.

▲ PvP mode that combines battle royale and scramble.

▲ Three modes were prepared in the field.

The last mode is a boss fight, a 4-player cooperative mode. In the demonstration version, Alice wears a special mask and faces the players, and it takes the form of a basic ‘raid’ in which she learns the strategy through multiple attempts, such as wide-area attacks, tracking floors, summoning monsters, and cooperating to solve specific puzzles and decipher patterns. There was.

Before starting a full-scale raid, you will be given time for simple setting, and you can randomly change the character’s characteristics up to 5 times. You can also purchase additional items to form suitable combinations in boss battles. Of course, the boss’s HP is quite high based on the demo version, so it was not easy to target based on users who are new to the game.

In the case of giant boss battles, demonstrations were prepared as PvE content, but Angel Games is said to be considering implementation in PvP form as well. It’s a boss battle between one player and the other four players. It may change because it is currently under development, but the boss raid format of 1vs4 is said to be approached with caution.

As a modern reinterpretation of a fairy tale, the playable characters are the main characters in the fairy tale. Little Red Riding Hood is an Akimbo-style gunner riding a motorcycle, and Gretel summons Cookie and goes into battle with a scythe. Alibaba presented exciting sword action, and Robin Hood, as the name suggests, used a bow as its main weapon. Alice takes on the role of a tank that can change its size at will. In this way, the characters in the fairy tale were based on the theme of the fairy tale, but their roles and the direction of their actions were aligned.

Depending on the weapon the characters acquire, the play has changed slightly, but the basic framework is the same. For example, Gretel uses a certain scythe to launch a powerful area of ​​​​attack around her, while some weapons use a boomerang-like area of ​​​​attack that bounces back in her path.

Little Red Riding Hood has an evasion technique that uses short dashes in a relatively short period of time, and Dorothy evades by swapping places with the summoned ‘cookie’. Except for Gretel, who changes position momentarily, if you dodge at the Just Evasion timing, each character gets a special effect. This is a structure that is active in rogue-like mode and PvP content using this.

In addition, the characters can use ‘mountain’ to move around the village, and it was possible to see that decorative elements such as dyeing and appearance items were prepared so that the player could decorate their appearance with various customization elements and continue social activities.

▲ Rogue-like mode also appears and selects various characteristics of progression.

▲ Character customization elements were also implemented.

The world square of the fairy tale village concept is implemented on a fairly large scale, and there are mini games such as OX quizzes. These mini-games will continue to be developed and implemented in various forms so that they can be consumed in-game.

At the same time, your own ‘island’ will be implemented in terms of social activity, and the island operates as a kind of housing concept and can be a space that the player can decorate as desired. is going to be.

From the feeling of playing, the action has a clear direction, and the game modes have their own standards and basic frameworks. The PvP mode is expected to be a continuous play, so it can be said that the battle content is the main, but the other game modes were also attractive enough.

In addition, the concept of a fairy tale itself is well known by not only gamers but also everyone who has not encountered the game. As it is still a demonstration version and development is in progress, I think that it can be a good PvP-based game if the sense of action and the rules of PvP are supplemented through later tests.

‘Wanderers’ is under development with the goal of release in 2022, and is preparing for simultaneous launch on both mobile and PC platforms. If you are interested in cute and cute action games and visit G-Star, it is not a bad choice to experience ‘Wanderers’ by Angel Games.

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