Age of Empires 4: Roadmap reveals what to expect by spring 2022

Age of Empires 4 has just received its first patch and many fans are complaining because apart from a few bug fixes, there were no major innovations. In his column, Fabiano tells you why this disappointment is nonsense:

The excitement surrounding the first patch is silly


Age of Empires 4:

The excitement surrounding the first patch is silly

However, you can expect one in the next few weeks and months Lots of fresh content and significant improvements: What will be new in Age of Empires 4 by spring 2022, Microsoft has now revealed in the official roadmap.

Roadmap: This will happen soon in Age of Empires 4

A total of three patches are taken into account in the new roadmap: the recently released patch 7879, the upcoming winter 2021 update and the spring 2021 update.

Patch 7879: The update was released recently and only brought about improved performance

Winter 2021 Update: The winter update should be the first important patch. In addition to other bug fixes and performance improvements, there are some important changes. In addition to over 100 balance adjustments, there is also a revision of the Chinese interface and the minimap. In addition, player scoreboards will now be available during the game and not at the end.

Spring 2022 Update: The spring update is all about new content. Of course there will be balance adjustments and various fixes and bug fixes, but the big innovation is the implementation of the UGC Creation Tools.

UGC stands for User Generated Content: Specifically, you get a scenario editor with which you can recreate your own missions or historical battles. Of course, you will then also be able to download and play many creations from other fans and modders in the community.

The real content bomb will only happen after Age of Empires 4 becomes the real live service game and is constantly being supplied with new content as part of Seasons.

New features, new modes - that's planned


Age of Empires 4

New features, new modes – that’s planned

In the interview, the developers already told us what to expect. In any case, your plans sound pretty exciting.