Amouranth: Twitch streamer talks about harassment and threats

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is a controversial and popular star on Twitch. Currently, no other female streamer can hold a candle to her in terms of viewing hours. But this popularity also has its downsides. She recently reported about this in a lengthy Twitter message.

Amouranth reports harassment

According to Amouranth’s report, saw himself a threat confronted by an unspecified business partner. She has worked with him for some time without any incidents. After a few months, however, he found her on a visit to the city invited to dinner. This was the starting shot for the negative experience.

Amouranth I didn’t feel very comfortable shortly after this invitation. However, the business partner did not give up. When he realized that the streamer was not going to join the meeting, he immediately threatened to to end the current business relationship.

She has already experienced similar situations several times. Therefore, in her opinion, it is time to bring this to the public.

This is the message from Amouranth

In her Twitter message, the streamer said that such incidents are unfortunately not uncommon iIn the general business area and not limited to influencers or streamers. Something like that happens especially young women constant. These are called upon to defend themselves against it or to address the grievances publicly.

“To be honest, it disgusts me that I am expected to put myself in potentially dangerous situations based on the perception of people (and business partners too).”

Those: Twitter

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