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Apple customers will soon be able to repair their iPhones themselves

At the beginning of 2022, Apple apparently wants its customers to have spare parts for current ones iPhones and MacBooks so that they can also use their devices in the future repair it yourself can. The offer will initially only be available in the USA. More countries will then be added over the course of the next year.

What replacement parts will Apple be offering at launch?

For now will Apple not for all components of iPhone and MacBook offer a spare part. Instead, you want to focus first on the parts that are replaced most frequently. This is the Battery as well as the display. There are no official prices yet, but the company would like to orientate itself on the costs of the certified repair shops.

How expensive are spare parts for an iPhone?

If you want to exchange your battery with a certified provider, you currently pay around the 75 Euro on an iPhone 12. Up to 311 Euro due. However, if you want to repair your devices yourself in the future, you should know that the customer is liable for any damage caused by installing the spare parts. Instructions for replacing the parts are included.

Those: Spiegel

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