Arche Age Brand Zone appears in 2021 G-Star Inven Booth!

▲ Visitors experiencing the Arche Age brand zone in the Inven booth

XL Games’ representative MMORPG, ‘Archiage’, will participate as a brand zone in the 2021 G-Star Inven booth. In the Arche Age brand zone, various events are held during G-Star, and there are mini-game play events, SNS events that take and authenticate photos with Arche Age doll masks, test taker certification events, and pre-registration events that can be registered immediately. It is structured in such a way that participation is possible.

First, you can participate in the mini-game event ‘Why don’t you go first?’ from November 4th to December 2nd before G-Star 2021 starts. After enjoying the mini-game at the Arche Age brand zone located in the Inven booth, you can receive one of 3 prizes through lottery at the reception window in the brand zone.

‘Aren’t you going to go first?’ is a mini-game in the form of an instant battlefield. In the game, you can acquire dalgona for obtaining gold coins, buff items, crystals of Palos, and related titles.

In addition, an event where coupons are paid when taking a photo with Arche Age doll mask and verifying SNS, an event to present a gift when pre-registering for Evernight, a new server of Arche Age, and Arche Life 30 for examining students who authenticate the admission ticket. Student events are also being held.

▲ I personally visited the Arche Age brand zone!

▲ Archaeage’s mascots Moo, Peppy and Yata greet you.

▲ Computers for playing mini games are set up in the booth.

▲ Arche Age booth event explained by Moo

▲ And a reporter obsessed with Moo

▲ ‘Would you like to go ahead first?’ event

▲ Shall we check it out?

▲ I am not confident in the game of probability.

▲ I hope you…

▲ Enjoying the experience of Inven Friends Digi (I was not dragged)

▲ In front of it, Kari is also experiencing it!

▲ Get a coupon for 10 in-game Palos Crystals that you can receive just by visiting

▲ In front of the brand zone, there is an event where you can pre-register and draw prizes.

▲ New server Evernight pre-registration event can also be held on site and prizes will be awarded.

▲ If you draw a ball by color in the box, you will receive a prize of that color.

▲ Let’s hurry up and participate before Moo runs out.

▲ The prizes start with the Arche-age wireless charging pad with Yata on it.

▲ Archeage Jang Pad

▲ There are 3 types of Archeage ballpoint pens.

▲ Lastly, among the missions of the Inven Stamp Tour, there is also a mission related to the Arche Age brand zone.

▲ Let’s enjoy it with one stone and two birds on the way

▲ Cute Archeage goods

▲ Let’s find the Arche Age brand zone in the Inven booth with various events and generous prizes!

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