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Developed by STUDIO N9 (Distributor: CREST Co., Ltd.) The Nintendo Switch download version will be available in Korea from November 18, 2021 (Thursday). Due to many requests from users, the sales area has been expanded to Hong Kong as well as Korea, and details can be found at the following Nintendo eShop.


Hong Kong:https://ec.nintendo.com/HK/zh/titles/70010000036848

is a dungeon exploration RPG presented by CREST & N9, a turn-based battle game featuring randomly generated dungeons, a variety of heroes, and a rich amount of content.


Product overview

[Sales]: CREST

[Development]: STUDIO N9

[Genre]: Turn-based battle RPG

[Number of players]: 1 person

[Sales price]Steam version: 18,500 won

Nintendo Switch Download Version: 37,000 won

[Game Rating]12 years old

[CV]Yurika Kubo, Asuna Tomari, Natsumi Fujiwara, Emi Hirayama, etc.

Official site: https://www.aria-chronicle.com

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/AriaChronicle

Nintendo eShop: https://store-jp.nintendo.com/list/software/70010000036849.html

Steam store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1229900/ARIA_CHRONICLE/

■ CREST Co., Ltd.

[ Company Name ]: CREST Co., Ltd.

[Official Website]: https://www.crest-inc.net/

[ representative ]: CEO Yang Junmo

: Representative Director Masataka Mikami

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