Battlefield 2042 declares war on XP farmers, but receives criticism for it

Currently, many battles in Battlefield 2042 do not take place on the virtual battlefields, but rather on the technical level. The game still has all sorts of bugs and other ailments that rob many of the fun and ensure that the multiplayer shooter from DICE is among the User reviews on Metacritic is punished.

Just a few days after the release, the developers addressed a problem that had previously made it possible for gamers in the simplest possible way lots of XP to farmin order to climb the ranks faster and to get better equipment.

If you want to know how to level up as quickly as possible without such trickery, you will find all kinds of useful tips with us:

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Leveling in Battlefield 2042: Our tips for farming XP

XP gain temporarily deactivated in portal mode

The procedure is simple but efficient: As is well known, the portal mode of Battlefield 2042 allows you to create matches according to your own rules. Many players apparently took advantage of this opportunity and created games in which the bots are only equipped with a few HP and simple knives in order to be able to shoot them quickly and without resistance from a distance. But it hailed a lot of XP in a short time.

One problem: if you are looking for a match and you are not paying close attention, it can happen that you joint on such an XP farming server. Are you unlucky Suddenly you stand there yourself only with a knife and be cannon fodder for the others, which is of course frustrating.

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Therefore, DICE has now reacted and temporarily completely suspended the XP gain in Portal. The experience gained in the All-Out Warfare mode has also been reduced when you play solo or in co-op. Normal All-Out-Warfare multiplayer matches are not affected.

Nevertheless, this approach earns criticism from players: Many feel they have been treated unfairly. The tenor: Just because a few players use the portal mode in an undesirable way, all players, including the fair ones, must now suffer from these measures. The developers therefore have shortly afterwards emphasized againthat these changes are only temporary, until a solution has been found on the technical side, how one can better prevent the unwanted XP farms in portal.

On the technical side, there is still a lot to do for DICE. If you are struggling with low FPS and generally poor performance in Battlefield 2042, we recommend our extensive tuning guide:

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Tuning Guide

Battlefield 2042: More FPS and better performance

How do you feel about the current measures in portal and all-out warfare mode? Do you feel restricted in your options, or do you support DICE in their efforts to prevent XP farming? Write us your opinion in the comments!